Walt Disney Executives Suspect Republicans Are Feeding Human Flesh To Alligators to Stop Hillary Clinton

Walt Disney Executives Suspect Republicans Are Feeding Human Flesh To Alligators to Stop Hillary Clinton




By Andy Osgood- Orlando Preview



The Walt Disney people are very large donors to the Obama and Hillary Clinton Campaigns.



Without the big bucks from the Los Angeles and Silicon Valley media companies, Hillary Clinton’s campaign will fail.



Republicans have set about exposing the weaknesses and falsehoods of every Silicon Valley and Hollywood campaign financier. Sony, a huge Obama funder, got hacked into the dark ages. Google and Facebook got outed as biased information manipulators. The war for the 2016 elections is on and it involves some of the biggest corporate take-downs and hacks in election history. GOP operatives had a hand in these leaks and exposures.



The GOP operatives took the Sidney Blumenthal manual of “RatF*cking” and dirty tricks campaigns to the next level.



Suddenly Disney is plagued with a host of devastating problems that have Disney boss Iger shaking in his Pirates of the Caribbean boots. The worst of these is the revelations of alligator attacks that are far greater and far worse than previously disclosed. Multiple reports of alligators coming after people, including videos, are appearing. Children are getting eaten right off the beaches of The Magic Kingdom. It is not a pretty picture for Disney.



Without the Disney cash, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC, will have a huge hole in their bank accounts.



The GOP are fully aware of this and they are working every angle to use Disney’s and Silicon Valley’s darkest secrets against those icons of cash and technology.



The PR backlash of the Disney alligator attacks and the Silicon Valley information rigging and public spying disclosures have cost the California tech and media cartels over 45 billion dollars so far and the GOP is only just getting started.



Is John Boehner out on a pontoon boat behind Disney World shoveling bloody hospital chum into the waters that flow into the It’s A Small World exhibit? Probably not so much. Are the GOP shoveling all of the PR resources on Earth into making certain the whole world knows that your kids will get eaten by alligators if you visit Disney? You bet!








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