CEO Jack Dorsey says “Twitter absolutely does not censor users”…but he lied!

CEO Jack Dorsey says “Twitter absolutely does not censor users”…but he lied!



By Douglas Avery, CNN Commentator


10 years ago, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sent the first-ever tweet, writing “Just setting up my Twitter.” A decade later, the social network has exploded in popularity, with millions of users tweeting and numerous historic moments documented. TODAY’s Matt Lauer speaks to Dorsey about the history of Twitter, it’s role in our future, and whether he’s ever blocked a Twitter user.



The reality is that Dorsey’s comment is exactly like Bill Clinton’s famous “I did not have sex with that woman”. Everyone on Earth knew he was lying but he still said it anyway. Clinton shoved cigar holders up Monica’s Twootch, Dorsey shoved subliminal messages up the public’s Tweets.



Did they both lie?






Were they rationalizing in their own twisted minds?






Jack Dorsey uses hundreds of other internet tricks, just like his partners at Facebook and Google, to manipulate users and their perceptions. Dorsey, Schmidt and Zuckerberg will do anything to make sure Hillary Clinton becomes President. So will Bill Clinton. They all have that in common.



There are ways, they few can understand, that Dorsey uses his computers to trick you into doing things that you do not realize you were tricked into doing. You may have heard of subliminal messaging, right? Dorsey goes light years beyond that in trying to make you want Hillary Clinton.


How Mass Media Manipulates Public Opinion

Newspapers-20080928Exposing the bias inherent in all media is always a priority for disinformation editors, so we really enjoyed this roundup of examples of media manipulation by Fred Burks at Examiner.com :

“Media manipulation currently shapes everything you read, hear and watch online. Everything.”
— Forbes magazine article on mass media influence, 7/16/2012

The influence of the mass media on public perception is widely acknowledged, yet few know the incredible degree to which this occurs. Key excerpts from the rare, revealing mass media news articles below show how blatantly the media sometimes distort critical facts, omit vital stories, and work hand in hand with the military-industrial complex to keep their secrets safe and promote greedy and manipulative corporate agendas.

Once acclaimed as the watchdog of democracy and the political process, these riveting articles clearly show that the major media can no longer be trusted to side with the people over business and military interests. For ideas on how you can further educate yourself and what you can do to change all this, see the “What you can do” section below the article summaries. Together, we can make a difference.


U.S. Suppressed Footage of Hiroshima for Decades

2005-08-03, New York Times/Reuters

In the weeks following the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, U.S. authorities seized and suppressed film shot in the bombed cities by U.S. military crews and Japanese newsreel teams to prevent Americans from seeing the full extent of devastation wrought by the new weapons. It remained hidden until the early 1980s and has never been fully aired. “Although there are clearly huge differences with Iraq, there are also some similarities,” said Mitchell, co-author of “Hiroshima in America” and editor of Editor & Publisher. “The chief similarity is that Americans are still being kept at a distance from images of death, whether of their own soldiers or Iraqi civilians.” The Los Angeles Times released a survey of six months of media coverage of the Iraq war in six prominent U.S. newspapers and two news magazines — a period during which 559 coalition forces, the vast majority American, were killed. It found they had run almost no photographs of Americans killed in action. “So much of the media is owned by big corporations and they would much rather focus on making money than setting themselves up for criticism from the White House and Congress,” said Ralph Begleiter, a former CNN correspondent. In 1945, U.S. policymakers wanted to be able to continue to develop and test atomic and eventually nuclear weapons without an outcry of public opinion. “They succeeded but the subject is still a raw nerve.”

Note: As this highly revealing Reuters article was removed from both the New York Times and the Reuters websites, click here to view it in its entirely on one of the few alternative news websites to report it. And to go much deeper into how the devastating effects of the bomb were covered up by various entities within government, click here

[there are plenty more examples at Examiner.com]



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