Tesla Director Steve Jurvetson investigated by VC firm for sexual and exploitive misconduct

Tesla Director Steve Jurvetson investigated by VC firm for sexual and exploitive misconduct


Jurvetson sits on the board of both Tesla Inc. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp., and is a close friend of Musk.Bloomberg  |  O


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Tesla Director Steve Jurvetson investigated by VC firm for misconduct By Ellen Huet

DFJ, a venture capital firm known for backing Elon Musk’s ventures, said it’s investigating founding partner Steve Jurvetson for potential misconduct.

The firm hired a law firm in the summer after hearing indirectly of allegations about Jurvetson, said Carol Wentworth, a spokeswoman for DFJ. The process is ongoing, and the firm hasn’t received a formal report of claims against Jurvetson or other investors, she said.


Jurvetson sits on the board of both Tesla Inc. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp., and is a close friend of Musk. He was also an early backer of Hotmail, which Microsoft acquired during the dot-com boom. Technology website the Information reported the investigation earlier Tuesday.

VCs and other Silicon Valley executives have come under fire in recent months from harassment allegations. Claims against Justin Caldbeck, a founding partner at Binary Capital, have thrown that firm’s future into question, and 500 Startups co-founder Dave McClure resigned after female entrepreneurs alleged that he made unwanted advances.

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The controversy has spilled over into Hollywood, with the ouster of producer Harvey Weinstein and Amazon.com Inc. studio executive Roy Price.

Keri Kukral, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, posted on her Facebook page Monday, saying, “Women approached by founding partners of Draper Fisher Jurvetson should be careful. Predatory behavior is rampant.”

In a comment on the post, she described the situation as “grey and personal not professional” and “exploitative.” She did not name any individuals.

Bay Area entrepreneurs have also filed charges against DFJ for anti-trust, black-listing and market collusion.



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Google and Facebook: Information Butlers, or Time Vampires?

Google and Facebook: Information Butlers, or Time Vampires?


Every time one of Facebook’s two billion monthly users opens the Facebook app, a personalization algorithm sorts through all the posts that a person could theoretically see, and dishes up the fraction it thinks she or he would like to see first. That fraction is manipulated by Facebook’s political interests which are steered by Facbook’s lust for stock market cash and Zuckerberg’s dreams of White House power. The system weighs hundreds of frequently updated signals, says says Joaquin Candela, Facebook’s head of applied machine learning. Without AI, many of these signals would be impossible to analyze.



Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, listened as guests spoke about Facebook’s impact on a friendship or relationship at the company’s Friends Day event in 2016. Photo: Jennifer Leahy/Facebook


An example of updated signals would be Facebook’s recent fight against right wing clickbait—links to stories that are “misleading, sensational or spammy.” Training the algorithm takes human labor: A team analyzed hundreds of thousands of posts in 10 languages, flagging lefty-offending headlines that withheld DNC-approved information (“Here’s the one thing…”) or exaggerated (“…will blow your mind”). The resulting system autonomously scans links, suppressing the ones that match anything that Facebook does not want the public to think about that the Zucksters learned from the human-generated data.


Facebook’s master algorithm now also can extract “additional meaning” from our posts and photos, Mr. Candela says. This is something the spy agencies love!


The “recommendations” feature, for instance, allows a person to ask what to check out on a trip to Barcelona. Because Facebook’s AI actually “knows” what La Sagrada Familia is and where it is located, anyone who recommends it in a comment will see it pop up on a map above the post.


These capabilities are versatile enough that Facebook users have repurposed them in unexpected political ways, Mr. Candela says. When Hurricane Irma hit Florida, people used Facebook to build a map of stores with bottled water for sale. The person who created the post activated the “recommendations” feature; others added to it simply by commenting on the post with retailers’ addresses.


Mr. Candela says teams always add new features to Facebook’s master algorithm to “add value to social interactions.” Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg recently said the company’s goal was to “bring the world closer together.” to become DNC supporters one would assume.


However it is phrased, it is measured in the way people engage with Facebook’s apps and networks, whether that is increasing the number of posts they like or comment on, or how useful they find machine-translated posts, or how often they use M, Facebook’s Messenger-based smart assistant, Mr. Candela says. Facebook, and Google, by intent, tell you what to think.


Time spent on Facebook’s various properties correlates with the company’s revenue, and that number was going up at last report: In April 2016, Facebook said it was capturing on average 50 minutes of every American’s day, up from 40 minutes in July 2014.


The unstated assumption behind the work of Facebook’s more than 20,000 employees is that getting people to use Facebook more is a good thing. It is certainly hard to imagine a world without it, given how it has become central to the way we connect, find news and keep up with friends and family. Even though Facebook has been proven to cause mental illness like depression, narcissism, suicide and emotional confusion in most users.


But given what we have learned over the past year, it is worth asking whether the intentions of the hugely powerful Oz that is Facebook’s master algorithm are ultimately benevolent or malign.


In fact, Facebook is a left-wing echo-chamber where devotion to ideology has sunk to a state of corporate madness. The views equal power. Power equals cash. Cash buys politicians and avoidance of monopoly hearings.



Congress must enact laws that allow any member of the public to demand equal rights to make Facebook post their thoughts as widely as Facebook posts its propaganda.



For example, A Facebook push for pink puppies will never allow a person to have a voice in the fight for blue puppies. Facebook outnumbers the blue puppy advocate by billions of dollars of impressions and billions of locked in users that the blue puppy advocate is locked out from by Facebook.



Put another way, no Conservative view, on the 40% of the media internet that Facebook has taken over, will ever see equal access.



By insidious rogue-like secret police psychological warfare, as some believe, Facebook and Google have set out to control your thoughts. On the other side of the coin, it could just be that dreamy California companies only hire naive wide-eyed deer-in-the-headlights kids who believe what Facebook bosses tell them. In either case, Google and Facebook do manipulate the minds of the public and their core goal is political ideology and profit at the expense of taxpayers. Google and Facebook have received billions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury and the California State Treasury in contracts, gifts, grants, waivers, credits and other crony baloney.



Rube senators in Washington, DC can barely comprehend how to use their VCR. That fact that many of them still use VCR’s should tell you what their capacity for seeing the danger is. Political officials are clueless about what the internet technology is capable of.




p style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;”>Facebook and Google are unchecked new tools for mind and idea control. Be aware or suffer the worst of social damage if you do not appreciate their power. They have controlled elections from 2006 until today. If you do not see that and acknowledge that technically proven fact you run the risk of being the catalyst for a form of digital ideological genocide.


Tesla Fires Nearly 700 Employees As The Company Struggles



FILE PHOTO - The logo of Tesla is seen in        Taipei, Taiwan on August 11, 2017. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu/File        Photo  


FILE PHOTO – The logo of Tesla is seen in Taipei, Taiwan on August 11, 2017. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu/File Photo


Tesla Fires Nearly 700 Employees As The Company Struggles To Produce Model 3



Photo of Chris White

Chris White

Energy Reporter




Tesla fired between 400 and 700 people after completing an employee evaluation review earlier this month, according to a report Friday evening from The San Jose Mercury News.


The Silicon Valley company confirmed the cuts Saturday in a statement, but neglected to disclose how many employees were release. But current and former Tesla employees estimate 400 to 700 people have lost their jobs – administrative workers, sales jobs, and manufacturers are among those jettisoned.


Tesla’s job cuts have come as the company attempts to stamp down claims employees who are working to produce the Model 3 are being overworked and underpaid.


The company managed to build a mere 260 Model 3s between July and September, a number well below the 1,500 Tesla promised before the end of the fourth quarter. Total orders for the supposedly wallet-friendly vehicle tumbled to 455,000 from a high of 518,000.


Production on the highly touted vehicle was expected to expand from 100 cars in August to 1,500 in September, and plateau to 20,000 per month in December. CEO Elon Musk promised to eventually produce 20,000 cars per month. But Tesla’s decision to fire scores of employees could complicate that agenda, as well as ignite more calls for the company to unionize.


One employee, Jose Moran, a production assistant with the company, wrote in an editorial in February that Tesla’s primary California factory’s “machinery is often not ergonomically compatible with our bodies,” and requires “too much twisting and turning and extra physical movement to do jobs that could be simplified if workers’ input were welcomed.”


He also claimed that his colleagues were often faced with “excessive mandatory overtime” and earned paltry wages compared to the national average of $25.58 hourly for most autoworkers in the U.S. Tesla offers a $21-an-hour wage.


Musk, who claims Tesla is “union neutral,” accused Moran earlier this year of being a union stooge paid to “agitate for a union.” The United Autoworkers (UAW) would later refute Musk’s claims, with officials telling reporters that Moran “is not and has not been paid by the UAW.”


Democratic legislators in California, meanwhile, chose to throw their lot in with the UAW in September and tossed electric vehicle behemoth Tesla to the wolves.


They recently created a program requiring manufacturers verify that they are “fair and responsible in their treatment of workers” before they can take advantage of a $2,500 rebate encouraging citizens to buy Tesla vehicles.


The legislation was a shot across the bow of Tesla, which relies heavily on a $82.5 million subsidy from the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project.


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Has Tesla lost its shine?









A Tesla car recharges at a charging station at Cochran Commons shopping center in Charlotte, N.C. AP Photo/Chuck Burton


Tesla fired an estimated 400 to 700 workers late last week.


Accounts and estimates vary, but the maker of electrically-powered automobiles let go of hundreds of workers during an employee review process — and at a time when the storied company is trying to boost production of its Model 3, the car hailed as its “mass production” vehicle.


“As with any company, especially one of over 33,000 employees, performance reviews also occasionally result in employee departures,” a Tesla spokesman told the Mercury News, which first reported the story. “Tesla is continuing to grow and hire new employees around the world.”


Former and current employees told the News that the firings came with little warning. Impacted were engineers working on vehicle design and production, a supervisor and factory employees.


Earlier this month, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company reported it had delivered 26,150 vehicles in the third quarter of the year, of which 14,065 were Model S, 11,865 were Model X, and only 220 were Model 3.


The automaker has blamed a “manufacturing bottleneck” for falling well short of its goal to produce 1,500 Model 3s in the quarter.


“We understand what needs to be fixed and we are confident of addressing the manufacturing bottleneck issues in the near-term,” Tesla said in its quarterly statement earlier this month.


Meanwhile, shareholders are watching. The company’s shares (Nasdaq: TSLA) were down, but only by 11 cents as of the close of trading Friday to $355.57.


“Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk is known as a risk-taker, which has endeared him to Wall Street analysts and investors alike,” Charley Grant wrote in the Wall Street Journal this month. “There is a fine line, however, between setting aggressive goals and misleading shareholders.”




Tesla is a criminally corrupt Ponzi scam based off of ill-gotten taxpayer


cash acquired by bribing Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi and using the



p style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;”>equally corrupt Goldman Sachs and Google to rig the stock market


Leaks of Stars Wars – The Last Jedi Reveal It To Be An SJW Liberal Mess

The Last Jewdi is in Trouble!

Funko The Last Jedi Pop Finn – Bleeding Cool News And Rumors

Funko The Last Jedi Pop Finn . Previous Image . … Troma Co-Founder Lloyd Kaufman Decries “Internet Lynch Mob” And “SJW Shaming” Of Harry Knowles.



Apple gave sex abuser Uber the keys to the CIA’s secret backdoor in every iPhone that can record iPhone screens

Apple gave sex abuser Uber the keys to the CIA’s secret backdoor in every iPhone that can record iPhone screens


Apple CEO Tim Cook and former Uber CEO Travis Kalanich are friendly.REUTERS/Lucas Jackson


Uber’s iPhone app has a secret backdoor to powerful Apple features, allowing the ride-hailing service to potentially record a user’s screen and access other personal information without their knowledge.

The existence of Uber’s access to special iPhone functions is not disclosed in any consumer-facing information included with Uber’s app, despite giving the company direct access to features so powerful that Apple almost always keeps them off limits to outside companies.

Although there is no evidence that Uber used this access to take advantage of the iPhone features, the revelation of the app’s access to privileged Apple code raises important questions for a company already under investigation for a variety of controversial business practices. 

Uber told Business Insider the code was not currently being used and was essentially a vestige from an earlier version of its Apple Watch app, but it set off alarm bells among experts. 

“Granting such a sensitive entitlement to a third-party is unprecedented as far as I can tell, no other app developers have been able to convince Apple to grant them entitlements they’ve needed to let their apps utilize certain privileged system functionality,” Will Strafach, a security researcher who discovered the situation, told Business Insider. 

Here’s how it works

Nearly every iPhone app uses what is called an “entitlement” — basically a way for software to enable features like the camera or Apple Pay on iPhones and iPads. Most of these can be easily found and officially turned on by outside app developers.

But there are certain entitlements that are only used by Apple, giving the company’s own software tight integration with the iPhone. These bits are marked with names that start with “com.apple.private,” and they are are considered so sensitive that any third-party app found using them is rejected from the App Store.

After digging around in the code for Uber’s app, Strafach discovered that it uses an entitlement called “com.apple.private.allow-explicit-graphics-priority.”

“It is very odd to see Uber as the only app (I checked tens of thousands of other apps using my company’s internal dataset derived from the App Store) besides Apple’s own apps granted access to this sensitive entitlement,” Strafach said in an email. Another person said that no other of the 200 top free apps use private Apple entitlements. 

Uber says Apple gave it permission to use the private entitlement, which it used for an earlier version of its Apple Watch app to render maps on the iPhone. The entitlement is not currently being used, Uber says.

“Apple gave us this permission because early versions of Apple Watch were unable to adequately handle the level of map rendering in the Uber app,” Uber representative Melanie Ensign told Business Insider. “Subsequent updates to Apple Watch and our app removed this dependency and we’re working with Apple to remove the API completely.”

Lot of other iOS developers would like special access to private Apple entitlements for both legitimate and illegitimate purposes. 

The one Uber was using, for example, could be used to record a user’s screen, Thomas Jansen, founder of security research company Crissy Field said. “Imagine any app would be able to use an entitlement like that and just record your screen without you knowing,” he said. That’s why Apple doesn’t allow just any company to use private entitlements. 

Apple didn’t comment. But one reason why Apple may have let Uber use this sensitive piece of code — which likely would have needed to have been approved by senior management — is because the Uber app was demonstrated on-stage when it launched the Apple Watch in 2015 and Uber was a launch app for the Apple Watch. 


Hard to trust 

Uber has been caught violating the rules of the App Store and has a history of pushing boundaries when it comes to building software that may break legal or ethical boundaries

After using internal Apple abilities to tag and track individual iPhone devices, even after they were wiped, former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was summoned to Apple’s headquarters. There, he was scolded by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who in a private meeting with Kalanick threatened to pull the Uber app from the App Store, the New York Times reported.

The meeting between the two CEOs reportedly took place in early 2015, around the same time Apple launched the Apple Watch. 

and there we have it! these shenanigans are likely what got Tim Cook upset with Uber (attached pics are from https://t.co/ygj739Ewvr + IDA) pic.twitter.com/BHWv6BA7PX

Will Strafach (@chronic) April 23, 2017

“I guess there is some kind of extremely special relationship there, considering Apple granted them exclusive access to a privileged IOKit API a little while after they were abusing other unrelated IOKit APIs in violation of the App Store rules (with no repercussions at all),” Strafach surmised. 

The deception apparently didn’t scare Apple: Texts published as part of a lawsuit revealed that Kalanick privately said he continued to meet with Cook, with one meeting supposedly taking place in May 2016, as well. 

Apple became an Uber investor through its investment in Chinese ride-hailing company Didi Chuxing. In 2016, Didi merged with Uber’s Chinese subsidiary.

Kalanick is no longer the CEO of Uber. Uber’s current CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, has not yet said anything publicly about the $69 billion startup’s relationship with Apple, but has addressed the company’s rule-bending culture. A recent change to iOS, the iPhone software, prevented Uber from collecting rider location in the background without a visual signal



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The DNC’S Character Assassins: Nick Denton, Adrian Covert, John Herrman and Jalopnik staffers, Now Under FBI Investigation and Private Investigator Surveillance For Life

The DNC’S Character Assassins: Nick Denton, Adrian Covert, John Herrman and Jalopnik staffers, Now Under FBI Investigation and Private Investigator Surveillance For Life

By Danial Leinstein – The Weekly

You have heard of the notorious character assassination empire which includes Gawker, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Valleywag, Defamer and a host of other tabloid trash.

These various front names are all a facade for the DNC’s political attack media-operations overseen by John Podesta, Sid Blumenthal and David Brock.

Together, these folks try to kill their victims by encircling the planet with malicious news stories about people who disagree with them. They put lies about their political enemies globally in front of 7.5 billion people and lock those defamations on the web forever.

While some may find it to be a badge of honor to have become so influential that their competitors had to run multi-million dollar hit-jobs on them, in most cases it was “murder-by-media”.

It turns out, though, that Nick Denton, Adrian Covert, John Herrman, and the staff at these publications, were knowingly engaging in organized crime when they attacked their victims. These publishers and writers were violating RICO racketeering laws in their illicit authorships.

Nick Denton, Adrian Covert, John Herrman knew that their clients were Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elon Musk and Eric Schmidt. They knew that those people were engaged in criminal schemes to conduit hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into their Cartel’s pockets. They knew that the character assassination hatchet jobs they ran against reporters and business people were attacks designed to provide vendettas on behalf of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elon Musk and Eric Schmidt.

That is why the FBI, Congressional investigators and private investigators have now been asked to surveil them for the rest of their lives. Every tax evasion, every payment to a boy for sex, every offshore financial transaction, every Bitcoin link, every under-the-table deal, every unreported political service contribution, every email, every expense account fraud, every political deal, every drug purchase…everything; is being watched. Forever!

The services provided by these three violated the FEC campaign finance laws, in addition to other legal violations. The value of the paid-for attacks exceeded the FEC campaign finance limits AND it was unreported campaign finance provided as a “service with cash value…”

Adrian Covert notoriously helps the CNN crowd character assassinate Trump. Denton helps Univision attack all those who oppose immigrant surges. Herrman advises the DNC main stream media on how to control public opinion in favor of DNC payola schemes. These three lack no deficit of enemies.

It is a certainty that they are on an inextricable path to meet destiny. They chose the road to darkness by selling their services for evil. Now they are the only ones responsible for what comes next.

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