Putting The Largest And Most Evil Company On Earth Out Of Business

Putting The Largest And Most Evil Company On Earth Out Of Business





Google is notorious for creating the corporate motto: “Don’t Be Evil” and then breaking that moral code at every turn and in ways that make Hitler look like a Boy Scout.



Google is a political weapon designed to be fired off at any nation, person or competitor that Google’s zealot executives choose to destroy.



Larry Ellison, Donald Trump, China, Canada, Proton Mail, Vivaldi and tens of thousands of others have had global character assassination terror tactics waged against them by Google. The cost of one of these brand defamation, revenue termination life-ending attacks by Google starts at $150 Million and goes up to many billions of dollars.



In other words, as was disclosed in the Gawker Media/Gizmodo Media legal cases: You can hire Google to digitally kill someone for you!



Google, generally, charges per “impression”. An “impression” is the amount of brainwashing Google thinks it can quantify for each person’s mind that Google thinks it has manipulated. For example, to minimize and diffuse Bernie Sanders first Presidential campaign, the cost per each of the American voters that Google reached was about $1.00 per person.



Google does not refer to it’s psychological warfare services in any obvious way. They call such things “semantic enhancement” or “sub-positive positioning”. The reality is, though, that Google sells billions of dollars of character assassination services to political campaigns and it never reports those political finances to election finance regulatory groups.



Google has exceeded the limits of ethics, in political contributions, by billions of dollars. Google bribed its way into a large part of Washington, DC and Sacramento, California so law enforcement has been slow to call Google out for this.



The high volume of recent news articles, whistle-blowers and lawsuits against Google’s empire have proven that Google is a horrific corporate citizen that must be expunged from the Earth.



So, to kill a Google…



Google ended the lives of many people and companies who were about to make billions of dollars. Google destroyed those people, and companies, in the eyes and minds of 7.5 billion people around the globe for the rest of digital time.



Those people now demand payback and they have already started doing 100% legal very special things designed to put Google out of business for being an epic criminal organization. Here is how that take-down is working. It is based off of the same kind of tactics used by the FBI to take down The Mafia.



In the early 1950s, Estes Kefauver (1903-1963), a U.S. senator from Tennessee, launched an investigation into organized crime and held televised public hearings that represented the first time any part of the federal government publicly recognized the existence of the American Mafia. However, citing a lack of specific evidence, the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies, along with Congress, failed to take any substantial action. Then, in 1957, police in the small upstate New York town of Apalachin raided a gathering of more than 60 mobsters from around the country. In the aftermath of the raid, the government could no longer ignore the Mafia’s existence or insist that Italian-American crime gangs operated only on a local level.


In the early 1960s, U.S. Attorney Robert Kennedy (1925-1968) stepped up government efforts to fight organized crime and corruption in labor unions. One of Kennedy’s top targets was Jimmy Hoffa (1913-1975), the head of the million-plus-member Teamsters union. Kennedy also pressured FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, who had been slow to pursue the Mafia, to intensify his agency’s efforts against mobsters. The FBI, whose investigators up to that time had scant knowledge about the Mafia’s operations, began an electronic spying program that netted valuable information. Another important development came in 1963, when convicted New York mobster Joseph Valachi broke the Mafia’s sacred code of silence, or omerta, and became a government informant, revealing and confirming details about the Mafia’s structure and customs for the first time.


Starting in the later part of the 20th century, the government began winning its war against the Mafia. In 1970, Congress passed the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, which proved to be one of the most powerful tools used to take down mobsters, as it allowed the government to “attack criminal enterprises on a broad front, stripping them of their leadership and sources of both illicit and legitimate revenue in one massive prosecution,” according to a 1992 report in Congressional Quarterly. During the 1980s and 1990s, RICO laws were used to convict high-ranking mobsters, who in the past had been able to avoid prosecution. (Similar laws were effective in producing mass convictions in Italy during this time.) Some Mafiosi, faced with long prison sentences, opted to testify against fellow mobsters in exchange for a place in the witness-protection program. Additionally, Mafia membership in the U.S. declined as insular Italian-American neighborhoods, once a traditional recruiting ground for mobsters, underwent demographic shifts and became more assimilated into society.

By the early 21st century, the American Mafia was a shadow of its former self and the FBI had begun cutting resources devoted to investigating organized crime. While crime families in New York and Chicago, the longstanding centers of Mafia activity, had been battered but not driven out of business, many crime clans around the rest of the U.S. were in disarray or on the verge of extinction, according to New York Times journalist and organized crime researcher Selwyn Raab. In Italy, law-enforcement agencies continued to make progress against organized crime as well. However, the Mafia remains active there and in the United States, where it continues to be involved in some of its traditional activities, including loan-sharking and illegal gambling. At the same time, its hold on labor unions and industries such as construction has been weakened but not eliminated. Contributing to the Mafia’s ongoing survival may be the fact that following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on America, significant organized-crime resources were shifted to counter-terrorism work.

Now, public citizens have demanded, in direct communications with FBI Directors James Comey and Chrisopher Wray, that the FBI re-focus on domestic corporate crime and put Google at the top of the list.

To assist the FBI, tens of thousands of Citizen Investigators have been preparing case files on Google and all of it’s connections.



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