George Soros Controls WordPress and Has WordPress Censor All Conservative Sites and Postings

WordPress pretended to be a “free public service”, using the same scam as Google uses but, in reality, WordPress is controlled by George Soros and Debbie Wasserman Shultz with advisory operations by John Podesta.

All WORDPRESS users are advised to SUE WORDPRESS and AUTOMATTIC for Consitutional law violations when they get a sham email, from WORDPRESS, like this:

“Your site has been suspended for containing content that we consider to be spam, which we define as content created with the primary purpose of mass solicitation or increasing traffic of third-party sites. Content that falls into these categories includes, but is not limited to, unwanted promotional content, duplicate content, and content written for gaming search engines. This is a violation of our User Guidelines and our Terms of Service. You can learn more at the following links:

If you wish to continue to use WordPress for your site, you might consider a self-hosted WordPress installation. Please follow the guide located at to successfully transfer your content to a more suitable WordPress host."

This is a SHAM cover story by WORDPRESS to censor you using FAKE issues. Do not tolerate this violation of your free speech rights. Nobody who got such a message from WORDPRESS was conducting any spam, gaming or anything other than expressing an opinion which George Soros does not want you to hear.


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