The Insanity Of The Silicon Valley Sociopath CEO Club

The Insanity Of The Silicon Valley Sociopath CEO Club


– A report to the White House and the U.S. Congress



There is a mad plot that Silicon Valley CEO’s have implemented. It is based half on strategic planning and half on frat house culture programming. Every tech CEO denies any knowledge of such shenanigans but 20 years of news stories and HR reports prove that this bubble of crazy digital anarchy is quite tangible.


There have been many stories written recently about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg doing a tour of America to try and find out what people all over the U.S. are thinking and are concerned with these days. He called it a fact-finding trip, and stated that it had no political focus…that was a lie by Zuckerberg. In the gold plated bubble that Zuck occupies, his handlers have convinced him that he is a demigod that can be The President of the United States and, thereby, give government money to Facebook’s venture capitalists. If only the public didn’t think Zuck was a Douche-bag. If only Zuckerberg had not called every one of his users “Dumb Fucks” for being stupid enough to fall for his internet privacy abuse schemes.















Tech execs who understand the role of technology on our future look at our current president and some members of Congress and see almost no understanding or vision of what a crucial time we are in our history.


But according to an article in Politico, Zuckerberg recently “hired a Democratic pollster, Joel Benenson, a former top adviser to President Barack Obama and the chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, as a consultant, according to a person familiar with the hire. Benenson’s company, Benenson Strategy Group, will be conducting research for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the couple’s philanthropy.”… Zuck also hired bribery expert David Plouffe to scam up the DNC funds for him. Plouffe recently got caught in a bribery scheme, for Uber, with Rahm Emanual in Chicago.


While Zuckerberg denies overt political ambition, the belief here in Silicon Valley is that he is thinking more seriously of some type of political run or campaign that he could launch in the near future, or at least trying to understand how he can be more influential in guiding U.S. policy when it comes to the potential impact that technology will play in America’s future over the next 30 years.


There is some interesting history of this type of Silicon Valley political activity — Y Combinator president Sam Altman, who recently launched a political advocacy project called The United Slate, recently said he was considering running for California governor himself.


I wrote about this for Fast Company last fall, and here is a passage that explains the Valley’s early interest and influence on Washington:


“During my 35 years of covering the technology industry, I have seen firsthand how companies have tried to keep an arm’s-length relationship with the government. With some rare exceptions—the Pentagon’s cooperation and collaboration with industry brought us the internet—Silicon Valley has generally tried to avoid federal and state bureaucrats. After all, the less the government knew about what tech companies were doing, the fewer legal and legislative issues the industry would have to deal with. This dynamic no longer works.


In the mid 1990s, a group of technology heavyweights led by Cisco’s then-CEO, John Chambers, and Kleiner Perkins venture capital firm partner John Doerr, along with various other tech leaders, began to realize the Valley would need the partnership of government and politicians for their vision of the future to be realized to the fullest.


Chambers and Doerr et al also foresaw the dramatic impact that the internet and mobile technologies would have on the U.S. and the world. Already back then, Chambers was percolating his ideas of connected cities and the Internet of Things (IoT).


These executives began evangelizing these concepts within the Clinton administration and at the federal agency level. They made an effort to educate elected officials on how technology would impact every level of government, and how it would transform our cities, businesses, and system of education.


To their credit, Clinton and Vice President Al Gore understood what Chambers and Doerr were saying. Clinton and Gore opened lots of doors for the tech leaders in Washington, giving them a chance to share their vision of the future.


At the end of the Clinton era, when Al Gore battled George W. Bush for the presidency, Chambers, Doerr, and other Silicon Valley leaders wisely kept up their efforts to influence both candidates. It became clear that whoever became president would follow President Clinton’s lead and allow Silicon Valley leaders to continue pushing the tech agenda.”


In fact, John Doerr, Elon Musk and Al Gore created the Climate Change scheme which gutted the U.S. Department of Energy of hundreds of millions of dollars that went straight into their Silicon Valley VC funds. The very funds that financed Clinton and Obama. That was felony-class corruption. If you doubt that fact, meet with FBI Director Christopher Wray and me and the proof will flow like an avalanche. John Chambers built back-doors into every Cisco network device to allow all Americans to get spied on. This has led to the hacks of HBO, Sony and the CIA because Cisco did such a crap job of securing their hardware.


The heart of this recent interest in the tech world getting more involved in politics by either running for office or finding new ways to influence our politicians is the even greater understanding today of the impact of tech on our worlds future and how it could dramatically change American education, jobs, businesses and our personal lives over the next 30 or so years.


In a separate piece I did for Time Magazine before the last election, entitled “Why Our President Needs to Take Tech Seriously,” I wrote:


“With 5G, it will begin connecting people to devices, and devices to other devices. The latter is called the Internet of Things, and it’s primed to profoundly change our lives, much the way the regular Internet has. It’s also a potentially huge source of growth — Cisco estimates IoT gear and software will become a $14 trillion market over the next decade.


5G isn’t the only innovation on the horizon. Connected and autonomous cars will hit the streets in the next decade. In combination with the IoT, they’ll “speak” to one another and to public infrastructure, helping us build smarter cities. Tech companies will roll out new ways to track our health, connecting us to our doctors to help us stay healthy. Artificial intelligence will be applied to just about everything that technology already touches. Digital security will become an even more vital issue, as businesses and individuals will be increasingly targeted by hackers. The very nature of computers will change, too, as virtual and augmented reality will be established as the new interface of computing, delivering new forms of utility and entertainment.”


I also add to this AR, VR, Machine Learning, Robotics in manufacturing and new advances in medical science and you see that technology is on course to disrupt just about everything that is around us today and well into our future.


“However, for all these innovations to thrive — and deliver potentially huge economic benefits — they will need the help of our elected officials. Lawmakers need to understand these technologies, as they will be called upon to craft new laws and regulations to bring these technologies about smartly and safely.


Therein lies a problem. If you look at our lawmakers across the country, I would venture to guess that most are not very technologically savvy. For our country to truly enjoy the benefits of these new technologies, we’ll need politicians and officials who understand how these innovations work, and how they stand to change our lives.”


The lawmakers, through lack of technology awareness, have allowed Google and Facebook to operate a coup d’etat, right under their noses. The recent revelation of the Media Matters digital attack plan, only serves to prove that lawmakers have no clue about the digital anal rape tactics they are current enduring:


Media Matters is not just a George Soros East Coast thing, it is paid for an implemented by Silicon Valley tech CEO’s.


Silencing ALL opposition voices: Inside The Media Matters Playbook



Even to casual observers, it has been obvious for months that the left is orchestrating a tightly-coordinated campaign to undermine and delegitimize the current presidential administration.


As an extension of the decades-long campaign to wrestle the narrative away from conservatives, independents and centrists, they’re smearing right-leaning commentators with anything they can find. In the take-down of Bill O’Reilly and Monica Crowley and attempted hit on Sean Hannity, for example, it’s more than evident.


And just this week, the suspension of Fox’s Eric Bolling provides even more proof.


We now know how the left is running this non-stop smear campaign and who is pulling the puppet strings.


We now have the Media Matters Playbook.


In a 49-page document marked PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL, the entire anti-Trump plan is laid out. Called “DEMOCRACY MATTERS, Strategic Plan For Action”, it lists four leftist partner organizations: Media Matters, American Bridge 21st Century, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and Shareblue.


These are some of the most well-funded, well-entrenched, and well known leftist organizations in America. Billionaire George Soros (pictured below) is a key backer.


So, what exactly do they want? Nothing less than complete control over political discourse in America.


They lay it out plainly in their introduction, saying,


We are going to contest every effort, at every level of government, to limit rights, rescind protections, entrench inequality, redistribute wealth upwards, or in any other way fundamentally undermine the tenets of egalitarianism that must serve as the bedrock of our democracy.





Their motivation is obvious: the continued erosion of our constitutional republic, forming a direct democracy with the elite left permanently in charge.


Of course, Media Matters and American Bridge have been doing this for years.


Of the latter, the introduction says:


American Bridge will cement itself as the standard-bearer of opposition research, build on its role as a progressive clearinghouse for information that drives the narrative on Republican officeholders and candidates, and be at the epicenter of Democrats’ work to regain power–starting in 2017 and building to 2020.


Here’s what success will look like:


-Trump will be defeated either through impeachment or at the ballot box in 2020.


-The balance of power will shift back to the Democrats. We will measurably impact US Senate, gubernatorial, and state legislative races.


-We will free ourselves from solely relying in the press. Our robust digital program will reach voters directly online.


This is typical for American Bridge, which was formed in 2010 and practically invented the “tracker” position – a paid position for left-leaning activists to record every Republican officeholder and candidate in every public forum they can get into, with the intent of finding any statement they can use against them.


Media Matters and American Bridge 21st Century were both founded by David Brock and receive funding from the network of public employee unions and liberal super-donors that includes George Soros, Tom Steyer, and many others.


Brock also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for CREW, as well as holding a majority ownership stake in Shareblue.


All four organizations have assignments in the campaign. Media Matters is charged with “disarming right-wing disinformation, while leading the fight against the next generation of conservative disinformation.”


CREW is branded as a “leading non-profit ethics watchdog group” that will “demand ethical conduct from the administration and all parts of government, expose improper influence from powerful interests, and ensure accountability when the administration and others shirk ethical standards, rules, and laws.”


Shareblue will “take back social media for Democrats”. Their purpose is to “legitimize Donald Trump’s presidency by emboldening the opposition”.


It’s the mission of CREW that is most concerning. According to the playbook, here’s what success will entail:


-Trump will be afflicted by a steady flow of damaging information, new revelations, and an inability to avoid conflicts issues.


-The Trump Administration will be forced to defend illegal conduct in court.


-Powerful industries and interest groups will see their influence wane.


-Dark money will be a political liability in key states.


It is ironic that they point to dark money as a target, as all four of these organizations are the epicenter of those very campaigns that are fueling the war against conservatives and others in America.


You can read the full 49-page playbook here.



I am willing to bet that as more and more tech execs understand the magnitude of what has to be called the great tech revolution of this century, we will see some of them trying to find a greater way to influence our current politicians, and we’ll even see some begin to run for office in order to influence our government from within as much as possible.


Former Google Employee: ‘There Are Efforts to Demote Anything Non-PC from Search Results’


Google anonymous


by Allum Bokhari


Google was thrown into turmoil last night after the company fired James Damore, author of a manifesto defending viewpoint diversity and a fact-based approach to the alleged gender gap in tech. In exclusive interviews with Breitbart News, more Google employees are now speaking out in support of the manifesto.


Damore’s ten-page manifesto, which was met by an immediate backlash, described a climate of fear, in which employees who challenge prevailing leftist narratives at the company are faced with immediate threats to their career. Damore’s own experience appears to confirm this.


Breitbart News is exclusively publishing a series of interviews with current and former Google employees who contacted us in the wake of the manifesto’s publication.


The interview series, entitled “Rebels of Google,” will be published in full over the coming days. Because every employee who spoke to us fears for their job if their identities were made public, we have provided aliases in place of their real names.


In the first interview of the series, a Google employee (alias “Hal”) spoke of witch-hunts and intolerance at Google, as well as dysfunction at the company’s upper echelons.


Our second interview, published below, is the account of a former Google engineer (alias “Emmett”) who spent several years at the company. You can find a full transcript of our interview here.


We asked  Emmett if he could corroborate allegations that employees within Google’s Ad Sales department have expressed “a great deal of sympathy” with the Sleeping Giants campaign, which has sought to deny ad revenue to alternative media sites including Breitbart News and The Rebel Media.


According to Breitbart’s anonymous source, some Ad Sales employees are “openly encouraging Adwords customers to pull their ads from Breitbart and Rebel Media.”


Emmett concurs with our source. “A number of friends have privately confirmed this to me. I know there are efforts to demote anything non-PC, anti-Communist and anti-Islamic terror from search results. To what extent that has been successful, I don’t know.”


Emmett says he personally witnessed efforts from leftists within Google to bias YouTube’s algorithms to push anti-PC content off the platform’s “related videos” recommendations.


“I have read internal mailing list e-mail from SJWs absolutely incensed that there’d be, say, a Sargon of Akkad video appearing as a video related to one of their favorite SJW vloggers. This is what happens when you have unbiased algorithms, which at the time, was true. I don’t have to tell you that, in that e-mail, the SJW was quite literally asking that the ‘related videos’ function be perverted so that such a thing would stop happening.”


According to Emmett, the greatest threat is that ordinary users of Google and its related services won’t even be able to detect the censorship.


“The software could just astroturf your Related Videos section, and you would be none the wiser. Sure, if you know what to look for, perhaps you’d notice. But the vast majority of the viewership would never ever know. That’s the whole point of such a disinformation program, right? If you can tell it’s disinformation, you would never ever believe it.”


In Emmett’s view, it’s “only a matter of time” before Google begins to bias its search results against the Trump movement, Republicans, and right-leaning politicians.


“I don’t have to tell you that there was an internal meltdown at Google when the election was over. The hysteria has only ever reached a higher level once. That was throughout this weekend, thanks to the #GoogleManifesto scandal.”


According to Emmett, Google is “leaking people with integrity” who are “tired of having to cope with these corrupt ideologies and the people who proselytize them, support them, and punish people who disagree with them.”


“Who remains in charge, after that slow but certain evaporative cooling of beliefs? You do the math.”


Concurring with James Demore’s manifesto, Emmett speaks of a culture of fear at the company. He says that even speaking out against Democrat politicians is unwise for a Googler.


“Whether you dislike a Democratic party candidate, or have reservations about how Google ‘looks twice’ at the applications of certain candidates from privileged (“underrepresented”) minorities, or support free speech … if it’s something the SJWs don’t want to hear about, be very, very careful about opening your mouth to anyone.”


Emmett recalls one case in which a Google employee was actually punched for making a post that offended someone. Far from helping the Google employees who face left-wing harassment, Emmett alleges that the company’s Human Resources department assists them.


“Everybody knows it’s a quick trip to H.R. if you dare say anything against the ‘anti-social’ order. Or sometimes you get punched. I know at least one engineer did get punched in retaliation for something he posted.”


Predictably, Emmett confirms that racist and sexist incidents against white or male employees at Google are not taken seriously.


“I remember Colm Buckley (of #GoogleManifesto infamy) dismissing a well-written post by a colleague of mine, with the single sentence “Isn’t it nice to be white.” I also remember him being condescending to an employee who posted an innocuous message of skepticism about social justice. I should note that the employee Colm condescended to was eventually forced out of the company. ”


“I remember Peter Goett entirely unironically posting a reply to a list with over 10,000 Googlers: “congratulations on your white penis.” To my understanding, had someone posted “black vagina”, that person would have been summarily fired. Also to my understanding, Goett appears to have received no punishment.”


Emmett says the corruption at Google goes all the way to senior management.


Bias in support of these discriminatory and hostile behaviors goes pretty much all the way up, management’s just clever enough not to add to the fire (often) but just to let the lower ranks make it happen.”


“You have to remember these people are quite intelligent.”


This article is part of the “Rebels of Google” series. Read a full transcript of the interview here. 


Google is a criminal operation created to rig elections and steer ideologies and government cash back to Google.


The facts prove it. The employees prove it. The investigations prove. We are prepared to prove it in a civil suit, a Grand Jury hearing, A C-Span broadcast Senate hearing and in any public venue with equal access to resources.







p style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;”>Quotes from: Tim Bajarin president of Creative Strategies Inc. Allum Bokhari on and add him on Facebook. Jeff Reynolds and Google employees and associates


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