80% of “people” on Facebook and Google Are Fake People Created By Facebook and Google to Scam Advertisers

80% of “people” on Facebook and Google Are Fake People Created By Facebook and Google to Scam Advertisers




In recent news, Google and Facebook had to credit-back their advertisers because Google’s and Facebook’s user statistics had “calculation errors”. You may have heard that a few profiles on these sites were fake. The reality is that almost the entirety of these sites is fake.



The fact is: Google and Facebook are lying to advertisers in order to create billions of dollars of fraudulent ad invoices.



There are no “errors” in the calculations. Google and Facebook know that there is nobody home. For over a decade, Google, Facebook, Twitter and even the New York Times Online have been knowingly using fake people generators, many purchased as services from China via front companies.



We were in the room while Google and Facebook executives ordered these actions.



There are no “analysis errors’. There are no “rounding typos”.



There is absolute and indisputable fraud going on at Facebook and Google.



Google and Facebook are the companies whose executives rape and sexually coerce interns. They are the companies whose executives run tax evasion scams and bribe politicians. There can be no possible doubt in any person’s mind about the fact that the people who run Facebook and Google are scum and they will stoop to any depth for money and power.



Why should you care?



Because the “community” of people you think you are interacting with on the internet is all smoke.



Because the billions of dollars in fake ad billings are being used to bribe politicians to work against your interests.



Because you, and everyone else online, are being lied to.



Because Google’s and Facebook’s computerized propaganda exceeds even that of CNN, who Google and Facebook run the PR for.



You should care because crime is never good for the American public and social morality failures like this damage society as a whole.



Facebook and Google are full of “…we din’t do nuffin” hand wringing media responses but the fact is that they are liars and it can be proven in court and before Grand Juries.



Around 2010 or so Google and Facebook became “uncool” and the kids left them in the dust.



Google and Facebook had promised to steer election perceptions for all of the elections from 2008, forward, to the DNC. The DNC promised to send Google’s and Facebooks investors all of the government cash for the “climate change crisis.”



So you had a withering Google and Facebook with a trillion dollar payola deal with Obama and Clinton and no way to back up their end of the deal.



What could they do about their commitment to deliver 200 million voters to the DNC and advertisers? Make them up!



Clinton lost because Google’s and Facebook’s one trick pony only had a circus tent in California and New York. The rest of the world had written Google’s and Facebook’s relevance off long ago!



Advertisers should sue the crap out of Facebook and Google. The Government should bring charges against them. Google, Facebook and Twitter are the biggest scam in human history!



Facebook Has 83 Million ‘Fake’ Or Duplicate Users, About 8.7 …


In its company filings published this week, Facebook revealed that more than 83 million of its usersare‘fake,’ CNET reports. Last week, in its first …



p class=”western” style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:120%;”> huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/02/facebook-83-million-fake-users.


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