Hi, Are you worried about the direction of the world?
Do you want the power to change it?
Ever wonder how you can have the biggest impact?
We have an answer: A-Teams. To start or join one, click here. We might even fund you.

A-Teams are special-ops teams for activism. They bring together the skills needed to tap into the Internet as a political force—skills like writing, design, tech, comms, networking allies, and activist strategy—and they use all that to take on “impossible” challenges and win shocking victories.

If you’ve been on our list for some time, this will sound familiar. Fight for the Future is an A-Team. In 2011 we sort of came out of nowhere (well, the open-source nonprofit scene), connected with key players working on SOPA (the bill that would have let big media corporations censor entire websites) and brought some serious new creative firepower to the Internet freedom movement.

We trolled Justin Bieber into opposing SOPA’s precursor, S. 978. We produced a video that explained the threat. And we organized a new, epic way for sites to protest and got reddit, Tumblr, Mozilla and tons of others to actually do it, inundating members of Congress with emails and calls, starting a snowball that grew and grew and grew into the biggest online protest ever. In the end, we beat SOPA so badly it became a symbol of a new, organized Internet.

The thing is, right now nearly every issue area needs A-Teams like ours: teams who can come out of nowhere, tap the Internet’s new potential for collective action, and win historic victories.

Our goal is to make these A-Teams happen. Would you like to help? Click here to read more and apply—either as a founder, a team member, or a volunteer.

Not for you but still want to help? Spread the word by sharing on social media.

A-Teams have to be nimble. This means staying small, and focused. Fight for the Future’s focus has been on Internet freedom in the U.S., but there are tons of equally important issues that require urgent attention! Drug epidemics and prohibition are destroying lives. Corruption, racism, and classism are ripping societies apart. America’s prison system is a crime against humanity.

Even in our own issue space, Internet freedom, we’re taking a beating in most of the world right now. Most countries in Europe and Asia have passed the same Internet censorship laws we stopped in the US. App-specific blocking and Internet shutdowns are becoming more and more common, everywhere.

On any one of these tough problems, an A-Team could turn the tide. The only thing missing? People. If you can get involved, click here to learn more and apply.

You don’t need any magical skillset. If you’re fast, organized, and know how to write for the Internet, you don’t even need any special work experience at all—just determination and passion!

If you have a specific skill (say, legal, or software development, or design/art, or organizing events, shows or parties) we could use your help as a volunteer, or possibly even a paid contractor.

If you’re a go-getter who just might want to go hard on activism for a few months, we need you as a founder!
Whatever your skills, the world needs A-Teams, and A-Teams need **you**. We can help you get connected, get started, and—maybe—even funded too.

If all of this is very vague and mysterious, that’s okay, it’s a lot! Click through to read more and apply. Or send us an email with your questions. Alongside our work defending net neutrality and fighting government surveillance, A-Teams are a top priority for us this year. We’re happy to take the time discussing this in depth with anyone who’s seriously interested. And you’ll be hearing more from us on this, we promise.

Thanks for everything!
Holmes Wilson and the whole Fight for the Future team.

Fight for the Future works to protect your rights in the digital age.


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