Town Hall columnist Liz Crokin says she was blacklisted then fired for Pedogate columns

Town Hall columnist Liz Crokin says she was blacklisted then fired for Pedogate columns (pizzagate)

submitted 8 days ago by BlowFly

Liz Crokin on her latest YouTube videoYouTube: Even Conservative media are protecting pedophiles

11:20: “We already had the Left waging a war on conservatives in the media…But this just got a whole lot bigger. Now we have conservatives attacking conservative journalists who are exposing pedophiles. I am trying to help women and children who are being abused, tortured and raped by frickin’ monsters, and I am getting blacklisted for it…this is the reality we are dealing with. At the end of the day this just proves how big of a problem this is, how deep it runs and how there is a HUGE powerful force protecting these pedophiles. There are pedophiles infiltrated into the highest levels…it is rampant…it makes me sick that there is now one more media outlet that won’t cover this.”

Crokin tells the Hagman Report she won’t back down or be silenced:

Liz Crokin is the award-winnning author of Malice and has worked as an investigative journalist, columnist and senior editor for various publications. Her work has been featured in the RedEye Edition of the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times: Splash, Us Weekly, In Touch Weekly, Star, Marie Claire, National Enquirer and Elite Daily.


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