Our law firm received an interesting legal inquiry recently. We are booked up and can’t take this on right now. We wanted to pass this along in case you knew of a firm that could take this case. Here are the points about the opportunity. This would seem to have some great upside akin to the Peter Thiel/Hulk Hogan case:




…We are seeking a law firm.



You may have heard of inventors Nikola Tesla, Henry Ford and Guglielmo Marconi but you may not have heard of Kia Silverbrook, who has 4669 issued patents, Shunpei Yamazaki, who has over 11,400 patent applications, Leonard Forbes, who has vast numbers of patents in the transistor industry and tens of thousands of other gifted individuals who can solve any problem, see the future and build the next generations of technology.



Our client is one of these inventor/product developer/CEO’s. The federal government, NDA’s and industry documentation, credential the fact that our client built the ideas, products and companies behind some of the biggest brands in Silicon Valley. The founders of a few large companies, came to our client, asked to look at our client’s technology confidentially, copied it, and started their own companies based on his inventions. Patent and government records, emails and other materials prove these claims.



It is widely documented that a small group of men operate a collusive, cartel-like, technology exploitation process in Silicon Valley. They have lost numerous lawsuits where they have been caught engaging in anti-trust bullying efforts such as those that our client was subjected to.



In the most audacious case, this cartel hired a tabloid publisher to run a digital multi-million dollar slander and defamation campaign against our client for the rest of his life, in order to pursue reprisal efforts against our client because he helped law enforcement investigate some of those parties.



The news this week is rife with stories about the crumbling credibility of Silicon Valley oligarchs and the “frat boy club” house of cards that they built via intellectual property theft and hubris. Our client’s cases are building the new foundation for a more ethical Silicon Valley and a longer-range support structure for domestic innovation and U.S. economic growth. Our client’s cases benefit every voter in America.



Frustrated with the circumstances, and seeking justice, our client traded patents valued at millions of dollars with investigation services providers operated by former law enforcement and intelligence service experts. Those services tracked down all of the attackers, their resources and exposure points. Now our client is seeking compensation for his damages.



The Defendants include some famous names: Google/YouTube, Sony Pictures, Gizmodo, Univision, Tesla, and various Silicon Valley VC’s.



Our client has won other related cases, has Congressional and public-interest agency support, has hundreds of reference letters and very compelling evidence for jury trials….”


Interested law firms or litigation investors can connect with the representatives for these folks at: on the CONTACT page there and reference “CASE REPRESENTATION” in the reply form.



This would seem to be a great time to bring some good old fashioned justice to the shiny facade of high tech misdeeds in the technology realm.











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