“We Are Going To Audit The Federal Reserve” Jason Chaffetz Shocks Democrats

Published on Mar 28, 2017

“We Are Going To Audit The Federal Reserve” Jason Chaffetz Shocks Democrats

The Federal Reserve Bank Has Criminally Operated To Assist Pump-And-Dump Schemes Operated By Elon Musk and Google To Hype, Or Protect Corrupt Stock Deals For Those Campaign Financiers. Now The Day Of Reckoning Is Getting Close

this was covered on fox news this congress was ordered by president trump to show more transparency , oversight and government reform in congress is doing just that, trey gowdy is handling the intelligence oversight while jason chaffetz is handling the transparency oversight , both are infamous for the dealings they had with hillary clinton and her private email, now the democrats are talking about russia and obama and wiretap surveillance and everything is getting pretty messy, I will do my best to keep you informed in breaking news today and in politics or political news this congress full business committee meeting was held live some of the democrats were talking about putin and russia interference , president donald trump wants this to happen and democrats are shocked

original air date: 3/28/ 2017


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