Obama-Clinton Push For Transgender & Gay Rights Issues Driven By Gay CEO’s of Silicon Valley and Hollywood

According to the Obama and Clinton agenda, you would have thought that 90% of America wanted a penis in the butt and 80% of America wanted a sex change operation. In fact only a microscopic part of America is, or wants, those things.

It turns out that Obama and Clinton were funded by Hollywood and Silicon Valley and 90% of Hollywood and Silicon Valley billionaires are covert gay who do want those anal penetrations and sex change operations. They told Obama and Clinton to make gay things and sex change operations into far bigger things than they really are.

Hollywood and Silicon Valley are “creative”. Gay people only want to work in “creative”. Gay “Creatives” tend to hire only other gays in order to increase the odds of gay sex and to avoid having straights bother them.

This has led to almost every Hollywood studio boss and Silicon Valley tech oligarch being gay and pushing their agenda via their billions of dollars of campaign financing and Fake News media control.

Clinton and Obama’s attack dog was Gawker Media and, take a look, almost all of Gawker Media and Gizmodo is comprised of sexually confused kids who want sex changes and penis butt penetration.

Along Silicon Valley’s Elon Musk, Larry Page, John Doerr, Peter Thiel, and most of Google, a huge number of those folks are gay and hide it and fund most of the Presidential candidates.

That is how “Transgender Bathrooms” became a bigger issue than Israel and Palestine in 2016.


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