In this age of CNN “Fake-News” or “Steered News”. Publishers must take steps to clear up misinformation. The following are fact check items for the latest internet buzz:




Julian Assange never said:



Even if Pamela Anderson is a CIA Honey-Trap it is OK because that would mean that the CIA is paying millions of dollars for me to pound solid gold P*ssy!”




Hillary Clinton never said:



Huma goes down like a waterfall and she tastes like nutmeg..”




Donald Trump never said:



My Samsung Smart TV just said to “turn up the high gain filter”…”




CIA Boss James Woolsey never said:



I will deliver the war, you deliver the cash…”




Google’s Eric Schmidt never said:



In answer to the question asking if it was OK to buy a President: “No”




Sony Pictures bosses never said:



Can you turn on some IT security?”




Steve Bannon never said:



Try to make that more subtle.”




Harry Reid never said:



No”, when asked if he would take a bribe




The Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce never said:



All of the big technology CEO’s are secretly gay”




The Director of the SPCA never said:




p style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;”>“Fry me up some cat meat for that sandwich!”



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