By WIKINEWS TEAM (with research support from The Intercept, The Guardian, Able Danger and WIKILEAKS)

























The CIA and The FBI used to both be mostly Republican. Now the FBI is very Republican and the CIA is very DNC.



The CIA hates Trump because Republicans don’t do CIA profiteering stuff. Democrats do CIA profiteering stuff. The CIA are experts in “dirty tricks”. The Wikileaks Vault 7 revelations reveal that the dirty tricks tactics of the CIA touch every single thing you can buy in a store, experience on your phone, TV or computer and any transportation device you may get in, or near. They are now exposed doing these things “inside domestic borders”, ie: “Trump Tower”.



That is against the law!



The FBI and CIA brass are NEVER allowed to discuss the spy vs. spy war in the media but it is a running joke in Washington, DC that both agencies hate each other and each accuse the other of allowing 9-11, the Kennedy Assassination and other “epic IC errors” to have happened.



The divisive nature of American public politics has come to infest the biggest, spookiest, agencies on Earth?



How did this happen?



Here are some of the red flag facts you can see for yourself in Congressional and Vault 7 public records:



Former CIA Boss James Woolsey promoted lithium ion batteries, which is an industry owned by the Democrats. He also promoted his hatred for the competing fuel cells, which is an industry owned by the Republicans.



Woolsey got himself listed as a top spy advisor on the Trump Team and then was suddenly thrown out of the Trump Team when his insider gig for the DNC came to light.



Silicon Valley’s Elon Musk, John Doerr, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt are the biggest campaign financiers of Obama and Clinton. That Silicon Mafia cartel controls the lithium ion battery markets and paid off CIA insiders with stock in Google, Facebook, Tesla, Solyndra, and their “driverless car projects”, which all use lithium and Dept. of Transportation and Energy crony taxpayer financed kick-backs.



Woolsey, his USAID front operation (which Clinton Foundation is recorded on IRS records as the co-financiers of) and the Silicon Valley billionaires promoted the invasion of Afghanistan and covert incursions into Bolivia to control their Lithium mines as well as covert incursions in the Congo (The only place you can get it) to control the Cobalt for DNC financier Elon Musk’s lithium ion batteries.



The USAID promoted the Afghan, Bolivian and Congo “monetization”. Obama and The Clintons actively fund and promote USAID projects and share in USAID “Monetization Programs”. Obama and The Clintons are DNC deep-and-wide.



Silicon Valley DNC financiers were promised “Cleantech” and spy contract kick-backs by Obama and Clinton in exchange putting Obama and Clinton in office via “social engineering”.



The CIA co-financed Google and Facebook for “social engineering” and they all became jolly Democrats.



CIA operatives and their In-Q-Tel peers work for Google and Elon Musk.



Thus, the current version of the CIA is a Silicon Valley/DNC dirty tricks joint operation which loves a good Coup D’etat. The current version of the FBI is an old fashioned cop-shop full of gun carrying Republicans who hate the CIA. The stage is now set for some big fun!



See the Big Picture Now?



But wait… WIKILEAKS says: WIKILEAKS is only just getting started…”




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