Federal Court Rules That Every Attack Conducted By Gawker Can Legally Be Done Back To Every Member, Writer, Investor and Owner of Gawker and Univision

Federal Court Rules That Every Attack Conducted By Gawker Can Legally Be Done Back To Every Member, Writer, Investor and Owner of Gawker and Univision




By Susan Rinse




Gawker Media famously destroyed the lives of many innocent people because those victims got in the way of John Podesta’s notoriously illicit and illegal political schemes. Gawker is a hired assassination service and Univision bought them in order to attack even more people.



Recent Court precedents in multiple venues have stated that, as long as you don’t use sex videos, you can expose and deride every single owner, investor, writer and executive of Gawker Media or Univision because all of those persons meet the following fair-use specifications:




1.) They exceed the rule of fame and are even more famous public figures than Gawker’s innocent victims.


2.) It is of crucial news importance to document the Gawker, Gizmodo and Univision parties who are actively participating, even to this day, in the overthrow of The White House and promoting public insurrection.


3.) Those parties at Gawker have been accused of corruption and it is the duty of citizens and the news media to expose corruption. The law affords protection to those who are attacked by Gawker Media and guarantees their protection Constitutionally.



You can use personal opinions, parody, metaphor, humor, irony and Onion-like bemusements and it is all entirely legal. You can hunt down every single one of them and it is 100% legal! You can organize epic Starbucks and Sony Pictures-class boycotts. When Gawker tries to kill people, it gets the job done..but.. Gawker needs to beware of the lifetime of hauntings from the ghosts of their hit-jobs.



Nick Denton and all of the Gawker insiders are crying “poverty” in the media and buying steaks and illicit services behind the scenes. NONE OF THEM HAVE PAID THE PRICE for their actions. They all had private cash stashes and hidden trusts.



The Peter Pay-Back Plan is far from over and looks like it will last for the life-time of every writer and owner at Gawker and Univision!



Long Live Thielianism!


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