White people didn’t “kidnap all of the black people, rape all their woman, kill their babies and cut off all their income opportunities for 100 generations…”

White people didn’t “kidnap all of the black people, rape all their woman, kill their babies and cut off all their income opportunities for 100 generations…”



By Amos Lincoln



..or did they?



The whites only kidnapped a portion of the African black people. They left a bunch back there.



The whites only raped the cute black women and the white land barons only killed the really dark skinned babies from those rapes.



Because of their black skin, big flat noses, extended foreheads, large lips and bigger penises the children of the blacks were always abused when they tried to get educated. The parents of each generation of white kids always programs little white kids to hate blacks. This prevents all blacks from being trained to act proper, speak decent English and not want to kill everybody that makes them mad. This means that blacks can never get any decent jobs for about a thousand years.



Many people join police forces so that they can carry guns and vent their hate on others without any sass-back. There are some wonderful policeman who are really like Sargent Friday on that Police TV show but there are also some bad ones. The bad ones are alcoholics and have inferiority complexes about their manhood and penises. The bad ones are only a small part of the police but when they are confronted with the giant penis-having black people who can’t speak proper English, don’t have jobs, live in desperation, have no political correction filters that are always angry, they tend to shoot them or beat on their heads.



Jewish people seem to be the maddest at the black people because Jews get their penises cut even smaller before they are old enough to complain about it and then an old man called a Moyle sucks on their penis. Jewish people live in terror of having to stand next to a black man in a group shower.



So are reparations in order for the black folks?



U.S. owes black people reparations for a history of ‘racial terrorism …


The history of slavery in the United States justifies reparations for African Americans, argues a recent report by a U.N.-affiliated group based in Geneva.


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We Absolutely Could Give Reparations To …


Feb 22, 2016 … Beginning with more than two centuries of slavery, black Americans have … Simply put, reparations are due to the millions of black Americans …


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wikipedia Reparations for slavery


Reparations for slavery is the idea that some form of compensatory payment should be made to …. Hilary Beckles, Britain’s Black Debt: Reparations for Caribbean Slavery and Native Genocide, University of the West Indies Press, 2012.


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Reparations – The Movement for Black Lives


Reparations. We demand reparations for harms inflicted on Black people: from colonialism to slavery through food & housing redlining, mass incarceration, & surveillance.


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Reparations for slavery debate in the …


Reparations for slavery is a proposal that some type of compensation should be provided to the …. In addition, Amariel stated “For those blacks who wish to remain in America, they should receive reparations in the form of free education, free …


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Black Reparations (Stanford Encyclopedia …


States have long demanded reparations from other states at the end of wars. More recently non-state actors such as the Aborigines of Australia, the Maori of New …


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Amazon.com: black reparations


1-16 of 405 results for “black reparations” Britain’s Black Debt: Reparations for Slavery and Native Genocide Apr 30, 2013. by Hilary McD. Beckles. Paperback


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The Case for Black Reparations – …


The following sections HAVE NOT moved yet: Intersectionality, … The Over-inclusiveness and Under-inclusiveness of Black Reparations. B. Black Reparations as …


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Reparations should be paid to black …


22.05.2014 · A high school in Clinton, Tennessee, in December 1956. Reparations wouldn’t just be about America’s slaveholding era. Photo by Thomas J. O …


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The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates – The Atlantic


The Case for Reparations. Two hundred fifty years of slavery. Ninety years of Jim Crow. Sixty years of separate but equal. Thirty-five years of racist housing policy.


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black reparations | Tumblr


1. reparations for black people whose ancestors built our universities 2. the ability to disengage with classmates who use colonial ass rhetoric to dismiss …


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UN Demands U.S. Pay Reparations for Slavery : snopes.com


Sep 28, 2016 … The United Nations has not ordered the United States to pay reparations to black citizens for slavery.


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Black Reparations!! (@ReparationsAct) | …


Black Reparations!! @ReparationsAct. Reparations will address society’s racism. Let’s do more than talk about it, it’s time to unite & act on this.


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Black Lives Matter Coalition Makes Demands as Campaign …


Jul 31, 2016 · More than 60 organizations associated with the Black Lives Matter movement have released a series of demands on Monday, including for reparations. The list …


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U.N. Demands U.S. Pay Reparations To African-Americans | The …


Sep 27, 2016 … U.N. Demands U.S. Pay Reparations To African-Americans … yet it did offer a few suggestions for how America could owe restitution to blacks.


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Slavery reparations sought in first Black Lives Matter …


SEATTLE A coalition affiliated with the anti-racism Black Lives Matter movement called for criminal justice reforms and reparations for slavery in the United States …


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Slavery Reparations Information Center


Slavery Reparations Information Center provided by Project 21 – the black conservative network


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20/20: Americans Debate Reparations for Slavery – ABC News


There is currently a reparations bill before Congress. And Robinson’s recent book on the subject, The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks , is a best seller.


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New “Reparations” Website Asks Whites to Pay Black People’s Rent …


Jul 21, 2016 … A new “reparations” website asks white people to pay black people’s rent and give them money to relieve their white guilt. The website, started …


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UN panel says the US owes reparations to African-Americans – PBS


Sep 29, 2016 … The United States owes African-Americans reparations for slavery, … to recent police killings of black men that have sparked protests across the …


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