Is Silicon Valley’s Immigration freak-out actually about cutting off the supply of young Asian boys for the tech pervert CEO’s?

Is Silicon Valley’s Immigration freak-out actually about cutting off the supply of young Asian boys for the tech pervert CEO’s?




By Ashely Fin




Silicon Valley and San Francisco tech oligarchs have a Gay Tech Industry Mafia.



When you pack all of those elite white boys into snot-nose frat houses some buggery is certain to occur. Those rich family frat houses are where all of the Silicon Valley venture capitalists and big tech CEO’s come from. They were not just close in their little boys clubs, some of them were VERY CLOSE.



Only Peter Thiel was brave enough to come out. There are over a hundred famous technology oligarchs that are as queer as they come but they hire fake wives and hold public facades in order to avoid scrutiny. There is even a boutique PR firm in Silicon Valley that hires straight female escorts to go to dinner in public places with gay technology bosses.


You would be jaw-dropped, shocked and wide eyed if you knew which famous Silicon Valley self-promoting big shots were taking it up the back-side from each other. We won’t name names here, at the request of Peter Thiel and a certain party at Facebook. You can figure it out. The issue is not about who is gay or not, it is about who is gay and evil. There should be a motto for Silicon Valley Billionaires: “Don’t be Evil”…errr… wait…



The rub comes when billionaires spend billions of dollars that they got from taxpayer corruption to bribe politicians to make all of the bathrooms bisexual and to give sex change operations to all of the prisoners who watched “Orange is the new black”. Agenda-pushing? A bit.



The gay mafia in Silicon Valley loves little Asian boys.



At Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and the other Silicon Valley Cartel shops, the federal government has discovered that those companies avoid hiring any women, blacks or older and wiser people. Their companies are almost all young Asian boys because Asian culture trains boys to be docile to authority, responsive to orders and kinky. In China they kill girl babies so it has created a glut of queer Chinese boys. In India, male rape is a huge thing. The “ladyboys” of SouthEast Asia are one of largest types of porn viewed in San Francisco and Silicon Valley tech circles. Coercing and pounding the butt-hole out of young boys was a big deal for the media mouthpiece of Silicon Valley: Nick Denton, who widely proclaimed his interest in young rectal flesh.



There have been a massive number of Silicon Valley sex scandals that you have heard about. There are many hundreds more that you have not heard about because they involve the abuse of the horde of young Asian boys that Google, Facebook, SnapChat and Twitter have squirreled away in the GooglePlex.


The government and news investigations prove that these companies are some of the ONLY ones in America that specifically hire young Asian boys in huge volumes for no apparent reason when there are vast volumes of non-young-Asian boys right near by who can do all of the same work.



What’s up with that?



Silicon Valley needs to come out of the closet and be less John Travolta and more Peter Thiel.



Silicon Valley needs to ends it’s Pedo-PizzaGate rapes and coercion of young Asian male imports.



Silicon Valley needs a good Spanking!




Is there a gay mafia in Silicon Valley? – Quora


we’re just not that organized … Gay Mafia? Who are the most powerful gay women in Silicon Valley? … I think they go more by Transgendered “mafia”. Gay …


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I’d there a gay mafia Silicon Valley network? : C_S_T – Reddit


Similar to the Hollywood version? On the VC level….and please we all know the whole ‘good ideas are all that matter’ trope. Let’s get further…


cached proxied…%5Dre_a_gay_mafia_silicon_valley_network/


Why 2016 Is The Best Time to Be Gay in Silicon Valley – The Hustle


Silicon Valley is 40 miles from San Francisco and is full of straight white dudes. But it’s still the best time ever to be gay in tech.


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Meet The PayPal Mafia, The Richest Group Of Men In Silicon Valley …


The startup known as PayPal launched a team of millionaires and billionaires.


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Bill Maher says ‘Gay Mafia’ forced out Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich …


Bill Maher has sparked controversy with his ‘Gay Mafia’ remarks … and groups made a few waves across the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.


cached proxied…%5Dorced-out-mozilla-ceo-brendan-eich.htm


Mozilla, mo’ problems: Ritual sacrifice over gay rights in Silicon Valley


Mozilla, mo’ problems: Ritual sacrifice over gay rights in Silicon Valley … The key realization is that the howling mob which Thomas has ginned …


cached proxied…%5Dice-over-gay-rights-in-silicon-valley/




How the ‘PayPal Mafia’ redefined success in Silicon Valley …


A decade ago, the PayPal Mafia played a major role in revitalizing the tech … We were farther removed from the core of Silicon Valley as you could be …… mine early on his following startup, all of us are Mexican (I’m also gay).


cached proxied…%5Da-redefined-success-in-silicon-valley/








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GOOGLE’S POLICY DIRECTOR: “..we will say one thing, but do ANYTHING that destroys Trump & The GOP!”

GOOGLE’S POLICY DIRECTOR: “..we will say one thing, but do ANYTHING 

that destroys Trump & The GOP!”




By Susan Port – Los Angeles OBC – Opinion Page



She is a heavy-set woman with close cropped hair and a severe gleam in her eye. When she speaks, she talks for Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen, Larry Page and the venture capitalists of Kleiner Perkins, Google’s guiding light in political arenas.



She is Google’s Policy Director and she storms around California like a hurricane of political hell.



Previously she worked for San Francisco’s Democratic millionaire campaign manipulators.



She is one of the creators of the pink “pussyhat” and her staff organized the factories to knit those hats.



There is no doubt about the fact that her job is to get as much state and federal taxpayer cash into Larry Page’s bank vault as she possibly can. Under the guise of Democratic Party Zeal, Google has stepped so far over the line of morality that no rational person could consider Google to be anything but the essence of evil.



Her ploy is always couched in a “we are just here to do God’s work” representation of Google as a kindly old uncle but Congressional and media investigations have shown that “kindly old uncle” to have his hand as far up his nieces skirt as possible. All PizzaGate references aside, Google is truly abusing the public in a manner so illicit that the audaciousness of Google’s raw corruption will live in the history books as a much darker version of Enron.



GOP leaders call her “Google’s Big Dike” and disdain her approach. In café conversations it is clear that she believes that she is right and all Conservatives are wrong. She believes this with all of her heart. Her passion is clear in every word she speaks. It is the same kind of passion one would think that Hitler expressed as he signed the death warrants to place millions of Jews in the ovens. These kinds of people believe, with every ounce of their brains, that what they must do is right. These are the ultimate “ends-justifies-the-means” sorts of people. History has shown us what happens when the misguided get their own SS squads, Kool Aid at Jim Jones parties and secret global server controls.








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Tesla Motors Lithium Scam Expected To Explode As TSLA Fires Staff

Lithium boom creating huge lawsuit opportunities for investors
As Tesla fires up its US$5-billion battery gigafactory to mass produce lithium-ion batteries in a historical turning point, lithium prices are set to explode, there has never been a better year to be a lithium company. Companies with focus on the lithium opportunities include FMC Corporation (NYSE: FMC), Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB), Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile S.A. (NYSE: SQM) and corrupt Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE: DB).

Tesla Motors, Inc. (NYSE:TSLA) began mass production of lithium-ion batteries in the first week of January 2017, and by the end of the year it will have led to a doubling of global battery production capacity. By 2018, Tesla predicts it will churn out 35 gigawatts of batteries per year. It’s a massive amount that surpasses more than what the rest of the world combined produces.

To put it more succinctly, Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory alone will lead to a doubling of global battery production capacity next year already-and with such limited supply availability it means a bull run for lithium. If lithium grows at its expected rate of 16 percent annually, it will be the fastest-growing commodity of the century–and junior lithium companies may turn out to be the fastest-growing companies of the century.

Lithium X Energy Corp. (LIX.V) (LIXXF) is a small-cap lithium company with a large resource (> 1 million tonnes LCE) and a dream team that has stormed the new supply scene in a way that would have been unthinkable just a couple of years ago.

Not only does the company have a world-class lithium resource in one of the sweetest lithium spots in the world, but it also has a world class technical and financial team with a strategic vision that has the potential to turn this into a billion-dollar company.

Here’s why:

#1 Flawless Sector Fundamentals  

Lithium stocks continue to rise, and analysts view 2017 as the strongest lithium rise yet because of Tesla’s Model 3 demand. The demand is not even in question: Tesla’s already got some 370,000 reservations and is looking to deliver 100,000 before the end of the year. It’s more a question of supply meeting demand at this point.

Lux Research, a leading independent research and advisory firm, believes the electric vehicle market will grow to $10 billion within the next four years, while Navigant Research forecasts sales of electric vehicles to increase from 2.6 million in 2015 to over 6 million in 2024.

Last month saw the highest number of EV sales in the U.S – ever, with sales up 37 percent in 2016 from the previous year. The consensus is that the startup of Tesla’s battery gigafactory will boost that sales growth further and faster.

In the meantime, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) isn’t alone – it’s got competitors, and the battery gigafactory scene is heating up quickly. Those competitors need lithium, too.

Demand is set to soar. According to Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB), demand for lithium will rise from 209,000 tonnes in 2016 to 534,000 tonnes in 2025. And it is definitively, a game for the small-caps now. While Albermarle Corporation (NYSE:ABL) has an estimated 22% of the lithium market share, FMC Corp. about 10%, SQM (NYSE:SQM) about 21% and Chinese lithium giant Sichuan Tianqi Lithium Industries about 10%, that is about to change. New supply is all about new miners, like Lithium X.

#2 Prime Lithium Land  

When we talk about lithium, we aren’t talking about very many prime locations. More than 70 percent of the world’s known lithium reserves are in the ‘lithium triangle’ of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. In the U.S., not only is Nevada ground zero for the American lithium boom, but it’s also host to the only lithium mine in the United States-and Lithium X has prime projects in both places.  

LIX has a market capitalization of US$110 million, but its lithium properties tell a story with a potentially much higher price tag. Other lithium companies operating in the ‘lithium triangle’ have market caps ranging from US$15 million to US$1 billion.

The company is developing its 8,156 hectare Sal de los Angeles project, situated in the prolific ‘lithium Triangle’ in Salta Province, Argentina. LIX owns the right to mine lithium on 32 claims here, nearby major miner FMC Corp’s Fenix deposit at Salar de Hombre Muerto-one of the biggest lithium operations in the world. Here, Lithium X and its predecessors have already invested some US$20 million. And so far, resource estimates confirm the significance of the deposit.

More importantly, Lithium X is also the largest land holder in Nevada’s Clayton Valley, the only producing lithium area in the entire United States. This is the heartland where all the new small-cap lithium miners are gathering, including Pure Energy Minerals (PE.V), Nevada Energy Metals (BFF.V), and Millennial Resources Corp. (ML.V).

Lithium X has over 15,000 acres in Clayton Valley, adjacent to Albermarle’s Silver Peak mine (NYSE:ALB), the only American lithium producer right now, and about three hours from Tesla’s gigafactory, where flipping the on switch has just created the start of a market frenzy.

#3 Best Operational Team in the World  

Though lithium is the hottest commodity of our time, lithium companies-in their purest form-are actually rare. There are only a small number of lithium mining companies on the TSX.V compared to the enormous number of gold companies listed.  

What this means from an investor’s viewpoint is that talent is everything with this commodity, and real talent is hard to come by because few have the raw lithium industry executive experience necessary to develop this commodity in a sudden demand surge atmosphere.

It also means that there is a heated battle on to steal the best lithium executives because everyone knows this is where the winners and losers will be determined on this playing field.

It’s also what makes Lithium X stand out. A brief look at the executive set-up here and it all becomes clear: We’ve got people, projects and capital, the three pillars of the mining business and the key to identifying the most promising early-stage mining opportunities.

  • Eduardo Morales leads the operating team and has 36 years of experience, former CEO of Rockwood Litio Ltd. And former President of Rockwood Lithium Latin America, who developed Salar de Atacama from grass roots all the way up to a world leader in the production of battery grade lithium carbonate. Thanks to Morales leadership, Rockwood was sold to Albermarle Corporation in 2014 for US$6.2 billion.
  • Paul Matysek, Lithium X’s Executive Chairman, is a geochemist and geologist and also a corporate entrepreneur. He’s built up and sold four companies in the past 10 years for over US$2.3 billion-and that includes lithium.
    Brian Paes-Braga, Founder and CEO of Lithium X, is a visionary whose touch has so far turned pretty much everything to gold.
  • It also helps immensely that equity financing and corporate structuring are the purview of Fiore Advisory, led by Frank Giustra, a Canadian business mogul who really needs no introduction and whose mining prowess is legendary. Giustra’s reputation for financing high-level, successful natural resource deals means capital follows him around automatically. In fact, the industry calls it the “Giustra Premium”. This is where we see the ‘smart money’ getting into lithium at the right time.

And there’s no question about commitment, with roughly 20% insider ownership. They won’t settle for anything short of another big success.

Indeed, from their perspective, success is imminent. The company is advancing full speed ahead, and looking to convert resources into reserves at a fast pace. In Argentina, construction on a 2,500-tonne pilot ponding facility should be permitted within the next 6 months, or sooner, in a JV agreement, and the contractor for this project is ready to mobilize. This will be a major step towards full-scale lithium production.

The LIX dream team has extensive experience and demonstrated success in Argentina, and just as importantly, the capacity to raise money. And in the emerging lithium boom, those who advance fastest in the race to production will be rewarded handsomely. LIX is working on its feasibility study, which is the last technical step to production–where investment turns into profit.

With Tesla already fired up and the hunger for lithium-ion batteries more voracious than ever before, the race to new lithium production is on, and it will be the best and brightest executive team that win when the dust on this energy revolution settles.

Elon Musk has already said Tesla “needs to absorb the entire world’s lithium production” adding that he, “will seek American lithium sources first.” With Tesla already inking early stage supply agreements in the Clayton Valley region already… the time to move on this opportunity is now.

We fully expect Lithium X (LIX.V) (LIXXF)-whose ambition is to become a billion-dollar company-to emerge on the top when that happens.

For more information, please visit:

World’s scientists call Elon Musk “an idiot”



Studies find that even a quick trip over the Earth gives you awful side effects and a trip to Mars will most likely kill you!


NASA twins study shows space travel changes body at genetic level


340 days in space station changed gene expression, DNA methylation for Scott Kelly

CBC News


NASA astronauts Mark Kelly, right, stayed on the ground, while his brother Scott Kelly spent 340 days on the International Space Station. Researchers are noting changes in biological markers because of the time in zero gravity. (NASA/Associated Press)




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A NASA study of twin brothers has offered new insights into the stress of space travel on the body — including genetic differences between Scott Kelly, the twin who spent nearly a year in space, and his brother Mark, who stayed on Earth.


Preliminary results of NASA’s twin study were released last week, with researchers noting differences between the brothers in various biological markers, from chromosomes to the microbiomes in their guts.



As twins with parallel career paths at NASA, the two men have almost identical genomes and similar life experiences. NASA arranged to have blood and other biological samples taken from both men during the 340 days Scott Kelly spent aboard the International Space Station in 2015 and 2016, while his brother was on the ground.


It has already been observed that astronauts see differences in their circulation and eyesight, and also their bone and muscle mass if they spend long periods in zero gravity.


Changes to DNA 


According to Nature, when Scott returned to Earth, researchers found that his telomeres — the protective caps on the ends of their chromosomes — were unexpectedly longer than his brother’s. The telomeres have since returned to the lengths they were before the ISS mission, but researchers are studying the telomeres of other astronauts to determine if there is a pattern.


DNA methylation — a chemical marker in DNA that can affect gene expression — decreased in Scott Kelly during his time in space and increased in Mark over the same period.



Scott Kelly gives himself a flu shot in zero gravity on Sept. 24, 2015. NASA’s Twins Study of his health has released some preliminary data. (NASA via Getty Images)


Levels for both men have since returned close to preflight levels. Researchers are not yet sure what the changes mean.


“Almost everyone is reporting that we see differences,” says Christopher Mason, a geneticist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City who reported on the findings at a meeting of scientists working in NASA’s Human Research Program in Galveston, Texas, according to Nature’s report.


“The data are so fresh that some of them are still coming off the sequencing machines,” Mason says.


Gathering data from other astronauts


Mason’s team also reported changes in gene-expression signatures between the twins. These changes are associated with environmental shifts such as changes in diet and sleep habits.


The research has not yet been peer-reviewed and it may be years before peer-reviewed results are published, in part because of the quantity of genetic data that remains to be studied.


Researchers also have to gather data from other astronauts, in an attempt to determine how much of the changes are a result of time spent in space and how much from other factors.


NASA is keen to learn more about the impact of zero gravity on the human body with the idea of eventually attempting much longer space flights — perhaps in a journey to Mars.

















World’s scientists call Elon Musk “an idiot” for hyping space

trips that he has no ability to keep passengers alive in.




He Musk an egotistical BS artist bent on “self-glorification”?




Scared of Cancer? Then Avoid Space Travel, New Study Suggests


Then Avoid Space Travel, New Study Suggests. Astronauts in space are subject to high radiation doses that can cause serious harm to their health (Credits: NASA).


cached proxied…%5Dcer-avoid-space-travel-study-suggests/




The Dangers of Space Travel | Astronotes


Radiation/ Cosmic Rays. A very big problem for humans and space travel is the risk of radiation. On Earth we are protected by the planet’s natural radiation shield …


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How astronauts risk cancer – and premature ageing – by travelling in …



Health risk: Experts now believe space travel can cause cancer and … This kind of damage was likely to increase the risk of colon cancer, the …




cached proxied…%5Dremature-ageing–travelling-space.html



Spaceflight radiation carcinogenesis – Wikipedia


Astronauts are exposed to approximately 50-2,000 millisieverts (mSv) while on six-month-duration missions to the International Space Station (ISS), the moon and beyond. The risk of cancer caused by ionizing radiation is well documented at radiation doses beginning at 50 mSv and above.


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Martian Astronaut Would Get Cancer If Mission Were Real, Author …


‘Martian’ Astronaut Would Get Cancer if Mission Were Real, Author Says … the prospect of space hotels and why he would never want to travel to the … Suddenly, there’d be this huge market for it and that would cause even …


cached proxied…%5Dcer-if-mission-were-real-author-says1/


The Human Body in Space | NASA


There are three gravity fields you would experience on a Mars mission. … shift upwards to your head, which could put pressure on your eyes causing vision problems. …. The most dangerous aspect of traveling to Mars is space radiation. … Above Earth’s protective shielding, radiation exposure may increase your cancer risk.


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