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Websites like,, and (and many more), are constantly buying and selling your personal information and putting it on display online for anyone to see, all with a simple Google search of your name and geographical location.

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Andrew Breitbart tweet before death(Murder?) adds fuel to online speculation of D.C. sex-trafficking ring

Andrew Breitbart tweet before death adds fuel to online speculation of D.C. sex-trafficking ring

Newspapers, pundits blast charges from ‘dark crevices of the Web’


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Conservative media icon Andrew Breitbart. (Associated Press) ** FILE **
Conservative media icon Andrew Breitbart. (Associated Press) ** FILE ** more >
– The Washington Times – Monday, November 28, 2016

Andrew Breitbart is making news even in death.

Social media speculation of a sex-trafficking ring in the nation’s capital has burned up social media sites for weeks. Complicating matters is Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s decision not to comment on anything WikiLeaks-related for months.

Explosive claims by Internet sleuths, which were prompted after reading stolen documents belonging to Mr. Podesta, have been derided as “viciously phony” by Fox News’ Howard Kurtz. A tweet by Mr. Breitbart shortly before his March 1, 2012, death is now being cited by online researchers as proof that they are onto something big.

“How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me,” Mr. Breitbart wrote Feb. 4, 2011.

The conservative icon’s death at age 43 was attributed to “heart failure.”

Knowledge of the late conservative’s tweet sent Google searches for “Andrew Breitbart” skyrocketing Sunday night as news spread to members of Twitter, Reddit, GAB, Voat and other social media platforms.

“One of America’s best an most respected independent journalists at the time; he is making a very bold claim about John Podesta — back then — based on his own research,” former Huffington Post contributor David Seaman wrote on GAB Sunday night. “This is years before WikiLeaks came out.”

Mr. Seaman and others claim Mr. Podesta and his associates spoke in code in numerous documents released by WikiLeaks. One example includes a Feb. 9, 2014, email with the subject line “Did you leave a handkerchief.”

“Hi John, The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus [sic]?” a woman identified as Susaner asked. “They can send it if you want.”

Such wording led online sleuths to investigate Mr. Podesta’s connections with D.C. power-player James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong. The Democrat fundraiser and pizza place owner, who is mentioned in 16 different WikiLeaks documents, had a public Instagram account that featured sexual innuendo and bizarre images of children.

Accounts for Comet Ping Pong employees, which are now set to private, featured nudity involving men with slices of pizza strategically placed over their genitals.

“From this insane, fabricated conspiracy theory, we’ve come under constant assault,” Mr. Alefantis, 42, told The New York Times on Nov. 21. “I’ve done nothing for days but try to clean this up and protect my staff and friends from being terrorized. […] It’s endless.”

The editorial board of The Washington Post also lambasted social media sleuths on Nov. 25 in an op-ed titled “‘Pizzagate’ shows how fake news hurts real people.”

“The allegations against Comet Ping Pong, reported by the New York Times, are absurd on their face and detached from any gossamer thread of fact,” the newspaper wrote. “They took root in the dark crevices of the Web and took flight thanks to social media platforms, whose witless ‘who, us?’ posture in the face of misinformation and outright lunacy is a civic embarrassment. …”

“Like 93 percent of Washingtonians, the restaurateur happened to support Ms. Clinton for president; he has some prominent Democratic friends, past and present,” the Post continued. “Mr. Alefantis’s name surfaced in leaked email from Mr. Podesta’s account, published by WikiLeaks, in which the two men discussed holding a Clinton fundraiser. As far as anyone knows, there is no more logic than that as to why Mr. Alefantis and his restaurant became targets. The First Amendment is a bulwark of democracy but provides no protection for defamatory allegations published in knowing disregard for the truth. Mr. Alefantis is more than entitled to sue for defamation and libel, if he can find the purveyors of the garbage heaved his way.”

Your tablet controlled “Smart Home” can be hacked into in 10 seconds by anybody

Any 14 year old kid, ex-lover, neighbor, local gangster, rapist or creep can be inside your home, in-person, or electronically, instantly.

If you are showing off your “web-enabled” home with a room full of gadgets and touchscreens all over your home, you are actually showing the world that your builders are clueless.

When ‘Smart Homes’ Get Hacked: I …

Jul 25, 2013 · “I can see all of the devices in your home and I think I can control them,” I said to Thomas Hatley, a complete stranger in Oregon who I had rudely …

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7 ways to keep your smart home from being hacked – MarketWatch

Oct 20, 2016 … A smart door can be unlocked remotely with no signs of forced entry, cameras can be hacked and homes monitored without user knowledge, …


Philips Hue LED smart lights hacked, home

This post’s title says that Hue lights have been hacked, which I think is awfully inflated compared to what the security researcher was actually able to do …

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How secure is your home automation? – …

Oct 26, 2016 · How hackable are your smart home gadgets? After last week’s massive internet outage, now may be the time for a full audit of your smart home devices.

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Hacking into homes: ‘Smart home‘ security flaws found in popular …

May 2, 2016 … Hacking into homes: ‘Smart home‘ security flaws found in popular system … control of the connected devices in your home to someone you don’t trust and … SmartThings’ app store, where third-party developers can contribute …


Hello, Dave. I control your thermostat. …

Aug 09, 2014 · The immortal words of Hal, the rogue computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey, showed up on the display of a Google Nest appliance control system. That’s not …

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How hackers are making your smart home safer | TechRadar

May 31, 2016 … The following year it was Nest’s turn, with a 15-second hack turning the … Could somebody access your smart home system or your personal … If it’s on your network, it can be exploited by hackers to compromise that network …


Your Hackable House – CNNMoney

Hackers have found security flaws in most connected devices inside your home. … Roll over the items in blue to see how they could make your house feel haunted. … Nope, it’s just hacked. … conference are able to turn on the camera in your smart TV, without you ever knowing. … Tony Blair says Brexit can be stopped …


4 Ways Your Smart Home Can Be Hacked >

May 3, 2016 … Researchers used security loopholes to conduct cyber-attacks on an experimental Smart Home network.



How to Hack-Proof Your Smart Home | This Old House

“Anything that’s always connected, always sending data—that’s something a nearby attacker can latch on to,” says Craig Young, senior security researcher at the …


Smart home hacking is easier than you think – Network

Apr 2, 2015 … Internet of Things hack security smart home. Related. Smart home tablet. How to keep your connected home safe: 7 steps you can take to boost …


Your smart home devices can easily be hacked – CBS News

Feb 13, 2015 … The “smarthome may not be quite as clever as you think. With the arrival of the so-called Internet of things — where household items such as …




Flaws in Samsung’s ‘SmartHome Let Hackers Unlock Doors and …

May 2, 2016 … The nightmare scenario of the internet-connected smart home is real. … “The worst case scenario is that an attacker can enter your home at any …. Hacker Lexicon: A Guide to Ransomware, the Scary Hack That’s on the Rise.



Facebook Employees Are Quitting Because Users Are Being Censored

Facebook Employees Are Quitting Because Users Are Being Censored

Submitted by Jake Anderson via,

The war on “fake news” embarked upon by Facebook, Google, and Twitter may be earning the media goliaths brownie points with establishment politicos, but users — and even employees — aren’t feeling as enthusiastic.

In the midst of backlash over the stunning victory of President-elect Donald Trump, which some people attribute to the preponderance of apocryphal headlines disseminated by Internet search engines and social media platforms, the companies are tweaking their algorithms in order to target specifically blacklisted sites, many of which happen to be alternative media sites that question the political and media establishment. Many of the sites are also financially dependent on ad revenue earned by organic and referral traffic directed by Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Now, it appears Facebook’s new algorithmic censorship practices are causing some of its employees to quit. According to the New York Times, three current and former anonymous employees claim the company has had a new tool developed specifically to restrict certain kinds of posts from appearing in users’ news feeds in certain geographic areas. This form of censorship has been deployed under the auspices of facilitating Facebook’s entry into the Chinese market. Previously, the company did this in Pakistan, Russia, and Turkey, where the respective governments requested the ability for third parties to review and block posted content. Facebook granted the requests and removed approximately 55,000 total pieces of content.

The suppression software has been contentious within Facebook, which is separately grappling with what should or should not be shown to its users after the American presidential election’s unexpected outcome spurred questions over fake news on the social network.


Several employees who were working on the project have left Facebook after expressing misgivings about it, according to the current and former employees.



Over the summer, several Facebook employees who were working on the suppression tool left the company, the current and former employees said. Internally, so many employees asked about the project and its ambitions on an internal forum that, in July, it became a topic at one of Facebook’s weekly Friday afternoon question-and-answer sessions.

Now Facebook wants access to 1.4 billion people in the world’s second-largest economy, China, and they are willing to adhere to draconian censorship practices in order to do so. It could be a complete coincidence that this new push happens to coincide with Facebook’s crackdown on alternative media, which has caused several employees to tender their resignations.

A Facebook spokeswoman responded to the report in a statement:

“We have long said that we are interested in China, and are spending time understanding and learning more about the country. However, we have not made any decision on our approach to China. Our focus right now is on helping Chinese businesses and developers expand to new markets outside China by using our ad platform.”

The question now is whether there is a connection between two different but simultaneous pushes for censorship by the largest social media platform in the world.

Internet Dating has decscended into a “Whore/Master” competition study finds

We now date six people at once, study claims


And then we just ghost them when we’ve lost interest




Any young person who’s tried to explain the concept of “seeing” someone to their parents will be able to testify that the dating arena has changed enormously over the past couple of decades.


It’s no longer as simple as going for dinner and a movie and instantly becoming boyfriend and girlfriend – we “see” people, often more than one at a time.


The extent of this trend has been revealed in a new study which claims it’s now normal to date an incredible six people at once.


Money problems main reason for relationship breakdown


Read more



Assuming the average person isn’t out on a date every night of the week, we can also infer that two dates with the same person must be pretty spread-out too. 


The results of the study, carried out by eHarmony Australia, reinforce the idea that in today’s dating society, people are loath to commit to one person, seemingly always wanting to keep their options open.


And although there seems to be a new dating tactic arising every week – have you been benched, breadcrumbed or unghosted of late? – it seems the trend for ghosting, where you simply stop replying to a potential suitor’s messages and inexplicably disappear, is still going strong.


The researchers found that over the past year, 64 per cent of singletons have been ghosted by a date. But there’s a good chance a lot of those aren’t perfect either, with 51 per cent of those studies admitting to ghosting someone themselves.


Festivals of love around the world



Although considered by some to be rude and inconsiderate, the allure of ghosting is the opportunity to avoid having to explain why you’ve lost interest in someone and just hope they’ll work it out themselves.


Couples meeting on dating apps is the norm now, but could it be that knowing there are always more potential love interests just a swipe away is leaving us spoilt for choice and confused? 


“The research here and around the world shows there is a lot of dissatisfaction in the outcomes of many dating apps,” Nicole McInnes, Director of eHarmony Australia, told Cosmopolitan.


But with new apps launching all the time, it doesn’t look like a dating app backlash is going to happen any time soon. So, best start lining up your next six dates then.




In the San Francisco and New York online dating scene woman have become “free dinner whores” and men move up in the dating hierarchy depending on the size of their house and how much money they spend on dates.


It’s Cheating – infidelity in the digital age


“Infidelity is simply defined as the breaking of trust and the keeping of secrets in an intimate partnership.” — Rob Weiss … Infidelity ‘Only’ Online No Less Painful.


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Is Online Infidelity Really Infidelity? | Psychology Today


. behaviour. Sexual infidelity online is no threat to a male’s certainty of paternity. … What to Say (and Not to) in a First Online Dating Message.


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Online Infidelity –


Consider that online dating website are flourishing, offering a new, easy and quick way to meet your future mate—whether or not you’re already married.


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Cheating Online: Is Infidelity Easier On The Internet? – Huffington Post


… Does the internet make infidelity easier? That’s the question, a site that helps …


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The Shocking Reason Married Men REALLY Visit Infidelity Site | Dr …


… I recently went on the “cheating” dating site Ashley Madison while gathering information for my eBook on online dating. And wow—what an …


cached proxied…%5Ding-cheating-adultery-infidelity-sites


‘Online infidelity can be addictive’, says new study | The Independent


. Research finds cheaters believe the internet has made infidelity … e.g. cybersex, exchanging sexual self-images, online flirting and dating).


cached proxied…%5Dfrom-the-open-university-a6705391.html


Affair Dating Sites: Best Extramarital Sites & Scams Exposed


There’s absolutely no question it’s best to meet someone online. It’s more discreet and you’re less likely to be caught. Plus, it’s much easier to meet someone …


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Are internet affairs different? – American Psychological Association


The typical affair used to start in the office and move to a seedy motel room, but the vast reach of the Internet has brought infidelity into many couples’ homes …


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Trump Administration backers call for boycott of the advertisers of “The Biggest Liars in the News Industry”

Trump Administration backers call for boycott of the advertisers of “The Biggest Liars in the News Industry”




By Susan Constini




The Trump Administration operatives have documented each and every lie that a Cartel of news and Silicon Valley organizations collaborated on to pitch to the public. The operatives claim to have emails and communications which prove that the faking of news story angles was coordinated and conflicted with the true facts that non-Cartel news reported. The targeted publications charged with rigging the news include:




  • CNN


  • The New York Times

  • The Washington Post

  • The Los Angeles Times

  • Twitter

  • Google

  • Linkedin

  • Facebook

  • The New Yorker

  • Salon

  • Cracked


  • Ars Technica

  • Vox

  • The Verge

  • TechCrunch

  • All Disney Properties

  • Gizmodo

  • Kotaku

  • All Sony Properties

  • LifeHacker

  • Jezebel

  • All William Hearst properties

  • San Jose Mercury News

  • Deadspin

  • Jalopnik


  • The Daily Dot

  • The Huffington Post

  • San Francisco Chronicle

  • MediaMatters

  • Politico

  • PolitiFact

  • ValueWalk

  • New York Daily News

  • TIME

  • Newsweek

  • Snopes

  • Motley Fool

  • Think Progress

  • The Guardian

  • The Telegraph


The Weird Twisted World of the #PizzaGate Sex Scandal

Nancy Pelosi Ensnared By #PizzaGate Sex And Payola Scandal



featured sub /v/pizzagate: #Pizzagate: Investigating corruption, child trafficking and abuse uncovered in the wikileaks podesta emails.




Guccifer 2.0: Is Nancy Pelosi’s Goat Hill Pizza Restaurant A Front Company Used To Funnel Money To The Democrats?







The latest Guccifer 2.0 leaks reveal that Nanci Pelosi’s email account which is registered with Goat Hill Pizza, which has made numerous donations to the Democratic Party.


The Guccifer leak had her credentials to log into a campaign website and after doing a password reset on her account, sources say the email address said it was sent to a email.



On page two of the document ‘Certified List Of Elected Candidates For The November 2, 2004 General Election’ Nancy Pelosi’s email is listed as ‘PHILIP@GOATHILL.COM’.



The owner of Goat Hill Pizza is Philip DeAndrade.



He was a former staff member of Nanci Pelosi as recently as 2013 which can be found in the document ‘NP STAFF LIST UPDATED.xlsx’.


His email is ‘’.


Goat Hill Pizza on Potrero Hill Democratic Club’s website links to the donations:




Nanci Pelosi has used Foursquare to check into Goat Hill Pizza.



Goat Hill Pizza is owned by Goat Hill Inc.


People have pointed out Goat Hill Pizza’s Whois Guard is registered in Panama. This is common security and it is normal for websites to have their information hidden this way.



Goat Hill Pizza is now part of the Jobs Now! Wage Subsidy Program which makes the claim:


JobsNOW! offers Bay Area businesses a wage reimbursement to incentivize the hiring of eligible San Francisco job seekers and to help them grow their business.


Proof of their involvement (WARNING: Site automatically downloads a .doc file with employers listed)


Check out the JobsNOW! Wage Subsidy benefits:


As a Wage Subsidy employer, companies will be eligible to receive the following:


a) For positions that offer an eligible employee compensation at $13.50 an hour or greater, HSA will reimburse employer:


  • 100% of wages paid for 1st month

  • 75% of wages paid for the 2nd month

  • $1,000 a month for the remaining 3 months, assuming wages paid exceed $1,000 in the month.

  • Employees MUST work a minimum of 25 hours a week to be eligible for the reimbursement.

  • Note: HSA will reimburse for wages ONLY up to $35 an hour.  Wages paid in excess of $35 an hour are the sole responsibility of the employer.


b) For positions that offer employee compensation at less $13.50 an hour, HSA will reimburse employers an amount not to exceed $5,000 for each eligible employee hired:


  • The reimbursement will be paid in monthly installments not to exceed $1,000, for a period not to exceed 6-months.

  • Wages paid in excess of $1,000 in each calendar month are the sole responsibility of the Employer.

  • Employees MUST work a minimum of 25 hours a week to be eligible for the reimbursement.
 – Nancy Pelosi Possibly Involved in Another …


9 hours ago … If you want to discuss the rules, go here – … Democrat Party leader Nancy Pelosi has links to another suspected …


google cached proxied


SF’s Goat Hill Pizza is a front company for Nancy Pelosi | pizzagate


Nov 13, 2016 … SF’s Goat Hill Pizza is a front company for Nancy Pelosi (v/pizzagate) … http:// …


google cached proxied


nancy pelosi may be using san francisco’s goat hill pizza to hide …


13 hours ago … Guccifer 2.0: Is Nancy Pelosi’s Goat Hill Pizza Restaurant A Front … FRANCISCO’S GOAT HILL PIZZA TO HIDE PIZZAGATE CRONY CASH …


google cached proxied…%5Dll-pizza-to-hide-pizzagate-crony-cash/











San Francisco Public Library & NAMBLA


“The Portrero Hill branch of the San Francisco Public Library on a Saturday afternoon: … And upstairs … the regular monthly meeting of NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association. This is … Potrero Parents Plan Protest at Library.


google cached proxied


“Pedophile Meetings Embroil SFPL in Controversy” by Flagg …


… San Francisco Public Library branch recently created headlines and aroused outrage … American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) were divulged in a Jan. … two days later some 50 area residents showed up at the Potrero Hill branch …


google cached proxied…%5De-meetings-embroil-sfpl-in-controversy


Parents Demand San Francisco Library Oust Pedophile Group


Jan 16, 1992 … SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ For two years, members of the North … turned out at the Potrero Hill branch library, demanding the group’s ouster. … ”We can’t really attack the organization NAMBLA because the organization isn’t molesting children, it’s the individuals. … It’s a public open space,” Schneider said.


google cached proxied…%5Dup/id-d0fa3317cd9cea4693584d88ad814ba9


Potrero :: San Francisco Public Library


The collection was started in 1986 to record oral histories of Potrero Hill residents and gather old photographs of the neighborhood. In the future, the digitized …


google cached proxied


Potrero Meeting Room :: San Francisco Public Library


Steps for Reserving the Potrero Meeting Room. Check for room … Fax number: 415-557-4281. Potrero. 1616 20th Street. San Francisco, 94107. Capacity : 20.


google cached proxied


Full text of “The Potrero View (February 1992)” – Internet Archive


There had been no complaints until last month about the NAMBLA meetings, Acker …. that since the “library auditorium had become a public forum,” the library “may not …. Tom Ammiano SF School Board Protect Children Editor: Potrero Hill …


google cached proxied…%5Dse_4/potreroviewfebru01unse_4_djvu.txt




Jan 17, 1992 … Meetings of the North American Man-Boy Love Assn. at a city library are being protested after news … About 60 people turned out at the Potrero Hill branch library to demand that NAMBLA be ousted. … It’s a public open space.


google cached proxied








Techies flock to Mission Control, S.F. members-only sex club – SFGate


Mar 1, 2014 … Scott “Big Red” Farrell wasn’t sure he approved of the costumes on a recent Saturday night at a club in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill: hoodies, …


google cached proxied…%5Dock-to-Mission-Control-S-F-5267323.php







p style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;”>IT GETS WORSE…