WORDPRESS getting sued for $100M for censorship efforts to shill political candidates and competitors

WORDPRESS getting sued for $100M for censorship efforts to shill political candidates and competitors

 By Andrew Conger

WordPress makes itself out in the media as an “open tool for freedom-of-information” but if you post anything bad about Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, DNC-controlled WORDPRESS will not even pause one second before violating the United States Constitution.

WordPress bosses are hands-on involved in the massive censorship efforts and those bosses and executives are being personally named in the lawsuit. This means that they can lose their homes, stock, bank accounts and Tesla’s in one quick court order… as Gawker’s AJ Delaurio discovered.

While a hundred million dollars may sound like a big demand, it is tiny compared to the billions of dollars that WordPress political backers pocketed last year.

Thousands of website owners have invested years of work in their WordPress blog efforts but, as the elections approach, they got their sites terminated and deleted. Their ability to import XML files was cut off. The importing of XML files was frozen. The ability to upload PDF files, or any files was terminated. They were totally, brutally and ILLEGALY censored because they dared to mention suspected misdeeds that a Democratic politician may have engaged in.

While the “TOS” argument is as thin as the smoke and mirrors  “rogue staff” or “we didn’t know” BS that Google and Facebook tried to get away with, the take-downs are overt. They are 100% related to the exposure of complaints or crimes that DNC politocs are charged with. While the DNC refers to Trump as a “Hitler”, what is more Nazi than just deleting all of the news that is inconvenient.

WORDPRESS shot themselves in the foot with this effort. While they accomplished their immediate goal and drove content creators to other sites, they have inscribed undeniable hard evidence of their censorship in the digital records. It will not be possible for them to escape the jury award or the wrath of the voting public.

By trying to wrest control of the truth from the airwaves via Nazi-like book burning tactics, WORDPRESS has only served to point the light of transparency on it’s executives, individually. WORDPRESS has put those executives assets at risk and shown it’s true colors. I hope WORDPRESS has an extra $100 Million bucks sitting around that it does not need. This Constitutional law battle will be epic. I hope the conniving WORDPRESS staff can afford to have everything of value taken away from them by the Court like Gawker did. WORDPRESS kids do not have immunity clauses and zillion dollar indemnification agreements.

Any blogger that has had WORDPRESS censor their site can also sue WORDPRESS for First Amendment violations and fraudulently soliciting folks that WORDPRESS than damaged and interfered with. A public site like WORDPRESS is now regulated as a “Public Utility” and the Constitution is, well, the Constitution. Nobody likes people that screw with the Constitution like WORDPRESS is doing with their hubris-ridden censorship campaign.

You too can join a class-action lawsuit against WORDPRESS. Visit: http://www.martindale.com/ and type “CLASS ACTION” in the search field. Write each law firm that appears in the results and email them to see if they will either 1.) Take your case as an individual or 2.) Let your join a group case against WORDPRESS. You can collect the money you are owed for your damages and for the violation of your civil rights.


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