Tesla and Google Partnered on the Same Scam Against The Public

Dr. Ernest Jeffrey Moniz
Secretary of Energy
United States Department of Energy
Forrestal Building
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20585
May 20, 2016

Dear Dr. Moniz:

By now you have been at the Department of Energy to know that the following facts and assertions are true and accurate.

Under Steven Chu, and now, apparently, under you as well, hundreds of billions of dollars of tax payer cash was illegally embezzled. That money from the public was given away to associates of your staff who paid bribes to your offices, or paid bribes and rigged search engines for the political campaigns of those associated with your offices.

These are felonies and the most severe violations of the public trust. These facts are documented in hundreds of thousands of books and news articles globally. These facts are indisputable. These facts will hold up in civil court and in front of a Grand Jury or Special Prosecutor. Steven Chu and Eric Holder are, clearly, forever destined to live in the annals of history as criminals and corrupt agents who perverted the U.S. Government. How will history remember you, Mr. Moniz?

The Iran deal you negotiated has fallen onto hard times as the Joe Rhodes controversy envelopes it. Google has now been exposed as a corrupt entity who placed hundreds of it’s staff inside your agency, The White House and other controlling agencies in order to conduit cash, contracts, stock warrants, tax evasion and other illicit ventures. How do you, Mr. Moniz, explain the fact that your agency gave most of your “Green Energy” cash to Google or it’s investors. Your office then sabotaged, stonewalled and lied to us, and all of the rest of Google’s investors competitors. Your office defrauded all of the applicants into thinking the Department of Energy funding was not pre-rigged for Google’s partners? It was pre-rigged and “hard-wired” for the “Googlesters”. Your office lied to us and to the public!

You are now at the decision point.

Your office industrially gang-raped hundreds of American applicants and tens of thousands of domestic jobs.

Will you ride off into history on the same dark horse of corruption that Steven Chu, Eric Holder and their little gang-that-couldn’t-shoot-straight are plodding into the sunrise on?


Will you call for justice and reparation? Will you await a possible federal prison sentence in a future administration? Is it worth it to have to wonder, for the rest of your life, if, each four years, will bring a knock at the door, at midnight, by the FBI?

Each of the corrupt public officials in the Cleantech Crash have had all of their stock warrants, off-shore accounts, revolving door jobs, escorts, golf membership payola, and other bribes tracked, documented and targeted. These days, crime really doesn’t pay.


The former staff of Bright Automotive

CC: FBI, U.S. Senate, Taxpayers

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