TESLA “announces results” of fake safety review but leaves out key incriminating data

TESLA “announces results” of fake safety review but leaves out key incriminating data

By Andrew Weber – Green Car Retorts

Today Tesla announced that the latest horrific vehicle-melting fire of the Tesla Model S in Norway, which delivered a nasty surprise on New Year’s Day, was “just an accident” from faulty manufacturing.

This appears to be the latest in the constant Tesla smoke-screens designed to cover-up a litany of defects with Tesla and with Elon Musk’s entire corrupt operation.

Tesla’s battery pack is constantly looking for any excuse to blow up and release toxic fumes. That is the plain fact of the matter.

The Deadly Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium ion batteries are blowing up, starting fires and, generally, destroying people’s homes, cars, electronics and physical health. Boeing was ordered to stop flying the 787 Dreamliner because it’s Lithium ion batteries are catching fire spontaneously.

A group of silicon valley venture capitalists forced/leveraged the government to buy and pay for these specific batteries ( Silicon Valley billionaires own the lithium ion Cartel), in order to benefit their profit margins. Other batteries don’t have these problems. Silicon Valley knew about this from day one, but those snarky billionaires put greed ahead of safety. There are thousands and thousands of reports of spontaneous lithium ion fires, but the Silicon Valley campaign billionaires, who back lithium ion, pay to keep this information hushed up.

Millions of these batteries have been recalled for fire risk. The VC’s tried to dump as many of them as they could (into hoverboards and Musk’s “home energy pack”) before they got caught. Now they are caught. These VC’s own stock in lithium mining companies in Afghanistan and really like the Afghan war.

These links show vast sets of Fisker electric cars that burst into flames just because they GOT WET:



Fisker Karma spontaneously combusts







There are hundreds of other links proving the point., ie: http://lithium-ion.weebly.com

Tesla Motors has filed a patent which states the following, THESE ARE TESLA MOTORS WORDS warning about a crisis, the level of which they never disclosed to the consumer:

“Thermal runaway is of major concern since a single incident can lead to significant property damage and, in some circumstances, bodily harm or loss of life. When a battery undergoes thermal runaway, it typically emits a large quantity of smoke, jets of flaming liquid electrolyte, and sufficient heat to lead to the combustion and destruction of materials in close proximity to the cell. If the cell undergoing thermal runaway is surrounded by one or more additional cells as is typical in a battery pack, then a single thermal runaway event can quickly lead to the thermal runaway of multiple cells which, in turn, can lead to much more extensive collateral damage. Regardless of whether a single cell or multiple cells are undergoing this phenomenon, if the initial fire is not extinguished immediately, subsequent fires may be caused that dramatically expand the degree of property damage. For example, the thermal runaway of a battery within an unattended laptop will likely result in not only the destruction of the laptop, but also at least partial destruction of its surroundings, e.g., home, office, car, laboratory, etc. If the laptop is on-board an aircraft, for example within the cargo hold or a luggage compartment, the ensuing smoke and fire may lead to an emergency landing or, under more dire conditions, a crash landing. Similarly, the thermal runaway of one or more batteries within the battery pack of a hybrid or electric vehicle may destroy not only the car, but may lead to a car wreck if the car is being driven or the destruction of its surroundings if the car is parked. “  WTF!!! THESE ARE TESLA MOTORS OWN WORDS

Tesla’s own staff have now admitted that once a lithium ion fire gets started in one of their cars, it is almost impossible to extinguish burning lithium ion material.

In Fact, in the Malibu, California Tesla Fire the Tesla Driver was burned alive and his body rendered “unrecognizable” according to fire officials who found him melted into a ball of molten plastic, alloy and battery debris.

Telsa’s own words in THEIR patent filing say that the risk is monumental.  Tesla has 6800 lithium ion batteries, any one of which can explode and start a chain reaction! If you look at all of the lithium ion danger movies you will see how easy it is to set these things into failure mode. They even get more flammable as they age.

Imagine a car crash with a Tesla where these 6800 batteries get slammed all over and then exposed to rain, fire hose water, water on the roads, cooling system liquid.. OMG!!

Musk has no morals. This is clear from the following article:


Numerous parties would like this answered, in public, in front of a Grand Jury, A DOJ Special Prosecutor and a public federal court trial, but Elon Musk has spent vast amounts of money in order to delay the justice system from bring him to such a hearing.
The Following inquiries, though, should serve to resolve the issue.
All of the following questions have now been FAXED, EMAILED, U.S. POSTAL SERVICED MAILED to Elon Musk at his homes and offices and to the corporate offices of the companies and U.S. Senators that he owns. He is now fully aware that answers for each of the following questions is required from him. It is no longer possible for him to not have immediate answers to these questions should you encounter him in-person, at a conference or in a broadcast news interview.
If you see him, ask him: “Elon…
Why was Tesla located on the same geological land, next door to, FBI-raided Solyndra?
1. Did Senator Dianne Feinstein ever have a personal meeting with you?
2. Did you or your staff ever promise, or deliver, any favors or items of value to Senator Dianne Feinstein
3. Did you or your staff ever promise, or deliver, any favors or items of value to Senator Harry Reid?
4. Have you, or any family members or friends ever placed money in a family trust fund that originally came from the U.S. Treasury?
5. Had you ever met Steven Chu, Steve Spinner, Alison Spinner, Matt Rogers or Jonathan Silver before they were appointed to run the U.S. Department of Energy?
6. Did you ever say, in a recorded conversation, that the NUMMI factory made no sense for Tesla to occupy?
7. What is your relationship with Richard Blum, the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein and his real estate company CBRE?
8. When your Tesla and Powerwall batteries explode, do they release any toxic fumes? How many different kinds of toxic fumes do they release? In what year were you aware of these toxic fumes. Did your employee: Bernard Tse, ever warn you about these toxic fumes?
9. Did you, or your associates ever benefit from lithium mining in the Afghanistan War?
10. Did three of your employees suddenly die in a plane crash? What engineering information did they have about Tesla Motors?
11. Did your patent filings include any language which specifically and intimately disclosed the deadly danger of your batteries? Please quote those paragraphs from your very own patent filings that you were forced to give away for free because they were rendered value-less by those disclosures?
12. The news stories said that, even though you were a billionaire, you got over thirty billion dollars in taxpayer-funded handouts from California and Federal government officials in hard cash, tax waivers, free NASA buildings, government jet fuel, credits, stock market pumps and other things; Did you get all of this free cash in exchange for conduit-ing campaign funding for Obama, Reid and Feinstein?
13. Were you involved in the death of your competitor: Gary D. Conley?
14. Does Google rig search engine results about you because they covertly co-own some of your assets? Do Twitter and Google hype up PR aggrandizement about you and hide negative news stories about you?
15. Have you hidden money from state and federal tax collection in off-shore tax evasion schemes?
16. Do you hire troll-farms, click-farms and meat-puppet fake bloggers to write self-glory statements about you on reddit, twitter, facebook and other social media?
17. Have Tesla’s killed anybody? How many people have died in, or near a Tesla, ever? Do you run cover-ups about the deaths?

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