How To Tell if Elon Musk is a Psychopath!


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Wonder if Tony Blair has taken the test, although he doesn’t need to ….we have known all along .


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We have one in the White House


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My ex-husband. You need look no further.


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Failed hedge fund manager and pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli comes to mind.


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Every other person is one these days. Since the 50’s we’ve created a social and economical system that breeds them and exalts them.


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Can I have Mr Wells’ phone number please??


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Fits Obama to a T. Displays false emotions during national tragedies, grand sense of self when he said his presidency would cure the planet, is reported to be very harsh and superior to others in private but portrays charm in public.


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That would describe many leading politicians


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And there is the sign of a stupid person, anything they are told, they some how equates it to Obama, and pretend bush was never president!


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Blair is a classic example of lack of empathy and manipulation you can almost see him trying not laugh when he is lying and he is like a salesman.


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People who are initially gushingly friendly in a way that is a little OTT. Time often shows that their apparent warmth is shallow and short lived. I’ve also noticed that men who are given to public displays of affection or public statements of love for their partners seem to be prone to be being abusive out of the public eye? Nothing scientific just what I have observed after more than a few years on this planet.


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Watched a documentary on Channel 5 about this the other week. These people are a danger to society.


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FILE -- In this Dec. 23, 2015 file photo, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson speaks in his home in Upperco, Md. Two of Carsonís top paid advisers are leaving the campaign with only a month to go before Iowaís leadoff caucuses. Thatís according to Carsonís Iowa director, Ryan Rhodes. He says Carson campaign manager Barry Bennett and senior campaign spokesman Doug Watts are ìoutî as of Thursday. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)




Why Tesla’s Are For “Assholes”:




1. Your tax dollars were stolen in order to make Tesla Motors, as part of a political financing kick-back scam (See for yourself at the links below:)




2. They were forged in criminal corruption, so anybody who drives a Tesla must be either ignorant, a weasel or one of the corrupt (See for yourself at the links below:)




3. They have a huge amount of highly documented defects (See for yourself at the links below:)




4. They have killed more people than the main-stream news has reported (See for yourself at the links below:)




5. The owners lied about why they wanted to make them, when, in fact, they actually poison the environment because Tesla investors wanted to exploit toxic minerals and materials which can’t be recycled in a clean manner (See for yourself at the links below:)




6. No other electric car has been so mundane, and yet had so many problems with it, since the electric car was first sold in the 1800’s (See for yourself at the links below:)




7. More drunks have crashed Tesla’s, than any other per capita car in the world, per volume of cars made (See for yourself at the links below:)




8. Elon Musk’s co-founders, investors, partners, wives, investors, suppliers and employees have sued him for being a fraud and, essentially, called him an “asshole” in court records (See for yourself at the links below:)




9. The lithium ion chemicals that Musk uses were gained from war profiteering scams in Afghanistan (See for yourself at the links below:)




10. More owners of Tesla’s have been found to cheat on their taxes, and be involved in abuse-based divorces, than almost any other car owner (See for yourself at the links below:)




11. Elon Musk knew, in advance, that Tesla batteries blew up when they get wet; emit cancer causing, brain damaging, lung damaging, liver damaging, pre-natal mutating fumes when they “out-gas”; blow up on their own, and are from Panasonic, who has been charged with criminal corruption by the United States government (See for yourself at the links below:)




12. Elon Musk will lie, cheat and steal in order to self-aggrandize and glorify his egotistical mania. Musk has been documented engaging in over 100 lies which were later proven to be false (See for yourself at the links below:)




13. Engineering history has proven that the vehicles have one of the shortest life-spans in the automotive industry (See for yourself at the links below:)




14. All of Elon Musk’s companies would not exist if not for taxpayer funded handouts given to him by corrupt politicians in exchange for illegal campaign finance deals with him and his investors (See for yourself at the links below:)




15. Google, and Tesla, who are financial and political partners, have both been caught spying on consumers and manipulating Internet data in order to cover-up their complicity in huge political corruption and kick-back deals (See for yourself at the links below:)




16. There are over 800 other crimes, consumer safety fraud issues, tax evasion, unethical actions, false public promises and political corruption items associated with Elon Musk and Tesla Motors. Click the links, below, to read the details, and proof, about those charges, and the cover-up…






See The Proof At:






The Silicon Coup. An ongoing internet authored book about the characters and historical circumstances involved in the biggest corruption case in modern times:
Click This Link To Download >>>
The Silicon Coup 4.5e


Get a free copy, in other digital formats, at:


A Corruption bibliography. A list of top documents that cover the corruption procedures used by the suspects in this case:
Click This Link To Download >>>
Corruption Bibliography 2015


The Solyndra Appendix. Actual emails and documents, acquired by Senate investigators, showing corrupt collusion between elected officials and Silicon Valley VC’s:
Click This Link To Download >>>


The Political Retribution Tactics used against competing applicants by federal and state officials, illegally:
Click This Link To Download >>>


The Book of Tesla. A live document, constantly expanding, detailing the most audacious one of the crony kick-back schemes in the “Cleantech Crash”:


A Discussion Site:


A Discussion Site:


The U.S. Senate Investigation which found the Department of Energy Program to be rife with corruption and kickbacks:
Click This Link To Download >>>


More On the U.S. Senate Investigation:
Click This Link To Download >>>
House Oversight Committee Reports $14B Missing


Check back here to download the free public WIKI Book with detailed public investigation lessons, tips and procedures to deploy CIA/FBI-class investigative journalism skills, from the comfort of your living room, to “fry”, or legally terminate, any criminally corrupt politician or campaign financier.
Click This Link To Download >>>
How To Investigate and Terminate 1.7


How Google was “Weapon-ized” as a defamation and political payback tool in the Department of Energy scam. Google executives and Google investors were a large part of the scam, using their company to rig voter perceptions, and stock market valuations, in favor of elected officials and their campaign financiers:
Click This Link To Download >>>
How Google was Weaponized Against Consumers 1.2


Click This Link To Download >>> How Google Bribed It’s Way To The Top:


The Corruption Of Senator Feinstein. A detailed, constantly updated, analysis about how one elected official used their office to enrich them-self and damage millions of taxpayers, in this case.
Click This Link To Download >>>
The Corruption Of Senator Feinstein.


A University analysis of the Department of Energy Corruption:
Click This Link To Download >>>




Films About This Case:


In addition to the many films linked on this WIKI, a number of feature films detail the exact methods and actions that took place in this matter, among them:












Automated mass internet manipulation attack “Troll Farm” Tactics used by The Silicon Valley Cartel to hype Tesla, Pump Stocks and Attack Reporters:




Silicon Valley cartel: Apple, Google, and others 


A group of 60,000 Silicon Valley workers got clearance today to move ahead with a lawsuit based on an explosive allegation that Apple, Google, Adobe, and ……


More results


The Cartels of Silicon Valley – CounterPunch


Last week Mark Ames published an article that should forever destroy any connection between theSilicon Valley tech billionaires and libertarian worldviews.


More results


The Silicon Valley cartel | MetaFilter


Mark Ames on Silicon Valley’s conspiracy to drive down workers’ wages: In early 2005, as demand for Silicon Valley engineers began booming, Apple’s Steve Jobs …


More results


Former NYC Regulator: Uber a ‘SiliconValley Cartel’ in ..


Silicon Valley’s latest class of transportation disruptors, which is led by Uber and Lyft, can be described in a myriad of ways, but the word “cartel ……


More results



The President’s Bitch, or did he Make The President His Bitch? Who Is Leo?

The President’s Bitch, or did he Make The President His Bitch? Who Is Leo?




Leo Hindery – Public Wiki News Article


Leo Hindery, Jr.


Leo J. Hindery, Jr.
October 31, 1947 (age 68)
Tacoma, Washington


InterMedia Partners

Known for

American businessman, Author, Political Activist and Philanthropist


Patti Wheeler, Wife


Robin Hindery, Daughter, Journalist


Leo, Sr. (father), Marie (mother), Deborah Bailey of Princeton, NJ mother of daughter Robin.

Leo Hindery, Jr. is an American businessman, author, political activist and philanthropist.

Hindery is Managing Partner of InterMedia Partners, a New York-based media industry private equity fund. Until 2004, he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The YES Network, the nation’s largest regional sports network which he founded in 2001 as the television home of the New York Yankees.

He headed Tele-Communications, Inc. (TCI) before it was merged into AT&T Corporation in 1999, when he became CEO of AT&T Broadband. Later, he was briefly interim CEO of GlobalCenter, a company purchased by Global Crossing. He exited Global Crossing after only seven months and was replaced by then board member and Vice Chairman Thomas Casey. At the time Hindery said, “I have done what I set out to do at Global Crossing — improve operating management and rationalize operating assets, realize the value of GlobalCenter, and meet or ex ceed quarterly financial goals.”.[1] He was the 3rd CEO of Global Crossing in less than three years.

He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and from 2003 through December 2007 was Senate-appointed Vice Chair of the HELP Commission formed by an Act of Congress to improve U.S. foreign assistance. He is a Trustee of The New School University, a Director of the Library of Congress Trust Fund, the Minority Media & Telecommunications Council, The Paley Center for Media and Teach for America, a member of the Board of Visitors of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and a member of the New America Foundation Leadership Council. The In-Q-Tel/NAF Case

Gorilla’s: In-Q-Tel and their sister group New America Foundation

What Happened: Inventors who worked with the founders of In-Q-Tel got screwed by In-Q-Tel and their sister group, New America Foundation, 3 times in a row. In-Q-Tel uses stealthy front groups for it’s dirty tricks but the tricks are still dirty.. and illegal… In the most extreme case, In-Q-T-Tel asked inventors to show them the first peer-to-peer emergency refugee software that investors were the first to develop..They rejected it as “not possible” (A pretext story given by n-Q-Tel) , had NAF copy it, put backdoors in it, put a media hit job on the inventors to kill their funding and got caught by The New York Times and Washington Post. History and the U.S. Patent has now proven that the technology worked perfectly and the IN-Q-Tel/NAF clone was a 100% copy of the inventors technology.




Many investigators consider IN-Q-TEL, Eric Schmidt, Google Investors and New America Foundation to all be one and the same entity.





In April 2015 he was appointed to the board of Moko Social Media (NASDAQMOKO ASXMKB), the premier multi-media platform for people bonded by common interests like politics, sports, and active lifestyle. [2]

Hindery has written two books: It Takes a CEO: It’s Time to Lead with Integrity [3] and The Biggest Game of All.[4]

Hindery now lives in New York City. He is an Seattle University Alum.


  • In 2004, his name was floated as a possible successor to Terry McAuliffe as head of the Democratic National Committee.

  • Hindery served as Senior Economic Policy Advisor for presidential candidate John Edwards from December 2006 until February 2008. He is currently acting as an economic advisor to Barack Obama. On the withdrawal of Bill Richardson as nominee for Secretary of Commerce on January 4, 2009 it was suggested that he might be a suitable replacement.[5]

  • On January 30, 2009, it was reported that Hindery’s friendship and business partnership with former senator Tom Daschle might cause problems for the latter’s Senate confirmation for the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Obama administration. Daschle has been a consultant and advisor to Hindery’s InterMedia Partners since 2005, during which time he received from Hindery access to a car and chauffeur. Daschle did not declare this service on his annual tax forms as required by law. (He reportedly paid the three years of owed taxes and interest in January 2009.) According to a Daschle spokeswoman, the former Senator “simply and probably naively considered its use a generous offer” from Hindery, “a longtime friend. On February 3, 2009 Daschle withdrew his nomination.”[6][7]

Chicago Cubs[edit]

Hindery was named as one of the finalists in the bidding for the Chicago Cubs in a partnership with private equity investor Marc Utay.[8] The team was eventually sold to a family trust of TD Ameritrade founder J. Joseph Ricketts, with his son Tom operating the team on a daily basis.


He is a keen amateur racing driver, taking part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 4 times and winning his class in a Porsche 911 GT3-RSR in 2005.

He was also the race promoter for the Grand Prix of America Formula 1 race, which was scheduled to be held at the Port Imperial Street Circuit. The 2013 and 2014 races were cancelled and the future of the event remains unclear. Hindery still believes, however, that the 2014 race will be on the official Formula One calendar although the New Jersey race that had been included on the provisional F1 schedule for 2014 was left off the final 2014 F1 race calendar along with the provisional races in Korea and Mexico.[9][10]

24 Hours of Le Mans results[edit]










United States Orbit Racing

United States Peter Baron
United States Anthony Kester

Porsche 911 GT3-RS






United States Orbit Racing

United States Peter Baron
Germany Marc Lieb

Porsche 911 GT3-RS






United States Orbit Racing
United States BAM!

Germany Marc Lieb
Germany Mike Rockenfeller

Porsche 911 GT3-RS






United States Alex Job Racing
United States BAM! Motorsport

Germany Marc Lieb
Germany Mike Rockenfeller

Porsche 911 GT3-RSR







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  10. ^“New Jersey, Mexico and Korea dropped from 2014 F1 calendar”.




Sid Blumenthal Says Obama Administration Failures Due to Obama Penis Size and GOP Jealousy

Sid Blumenthal Says Obama Administration Failures Due to Obama Penis Size and GOP Jealousy




Sidnee Blumenthal, renown Democratic operative for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who describes himself as “the benevolent and wise voice of the DNC” says that “Mr. Obama’s epic girth and length was disdained by the, mostly closeted, gay white men of the GOP”.



Mr. Blumenthal was commenting on the most unaccomplished, and corrupt, administration in American history.



Historians are listing the epic corruption scams at The Department of Energy, The VA, the Department of the Interior, and other agencies under Obama, which cost taxpayers trillions of dollars in losses, due to raw criminality within the administration, as highlights in the Obama time-line.



Blumenthal said that the failures were only because the White Men of the GOP knew of Mr. Obama’s huge member and coveted his abilities. The GOP decided to sabotage Obama, and stop him from letting Eric Holder prosecute these horrific crimes against the public, said Blumenthal.



Said Blumnthal: “If you don’t believe me, ask the Secret Service! They never let the President walk through the West Wing, in his bathrobe, in the morning, in order to halt his swaggering member from swinging to, and fro, and chipping the paint off of the walls in the hundred year old White House corridors. As a matter of fact, the reason every Secret Service agent ran out and hired hookers, and always got drunk, was because they could not stand to be so close to so much manhood”.



Blumenthal blames The President’s “Profound and historical” “Penile situation” on the many failures of the Obama White House. While it may have appeared, to most, that the “fox was in the hen-house”, Mr. Blumenthal says that it was more of a case of “The cock was in the hen-house and he was crowing all day long in the Oval Office”.



Steven Chu, the Head of the Department of Energy, who was forced to resign, in disgrace, after handing billions of taxpayer dollars to Obama’s best friends, in one of the largest political kick-back schemes in history, said: “Yes, it is big”



Asked if he thought that “Penile” and “Penitentiary” should go hand-in-hand, Mr. Chu stated: “well, if I end up in prison, I would certainly want to continue to be The President’s Bitch!”



Blumenthal pointed, specifically, to Paul Ryan, who he said had a “Micro-member”. “Ryan has a tiny head, on his body, in every location”, charged Blumenthal.



Blumenthal also revealed that The President was horrified by the constant gifts of home-made cookies from Lindsey Graham and the “pleading notes” to join Graham for a rowboat ride on the Potomac.



The notorious rivalry between Hillary Clinton and Obama did not go unmentioned. While long-time Washington DC jokes about “whose is bigger” contests between Hillary and Obama are old news, the newest dish refers to Huma’s device attachment known as “The Obamanator”.



The GOP states, categorically, that they know, “for a fact” that “The President not only has a tiny penis but it is very crooked, like all of his Cabinet”. Blumnthal says that he hired Chinese hackers to hack the President’s Blackberry and recover the penis tweets that he and Huma’s husband exchanged.
















Donald Trump Is About To Expose America’s Congressional Pedophile Scandal

Donald Trump Is About To Expose America’s Congressional Pedophile Scandal




Donald Trump’s campaign has made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that Bill Clinton’s sexual history is about to hit the headlines.



Even the mere hint of the coming Tsunami of Clinton sex stories has the Drudge Report readers drooling for every click they can find.



It isn’t possible to do the Clinton sex circus without drilling deep into billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “Sex Island”.



It isn’t possible to dive deep into the sordid Epstein pit without coming out drenched in the facts from the British police and Parliament child sex and murder club.



You then get bounced back to the Congressional leader, One Mr. Hastert, and his Congressional boy sex club. You then discover that over 70 United States Congress members have been charged with child pornography and sex with minors crimes.



That isn’t even the juicy part!



Everyone knows that Lindsay Graham is gay. Everyone knows that Gawker Media’s Nick Denton loves to have sex with boys and knew some of the key players in the British phone hacking and elite pedophile investigations. Many question John Boehner’s lisp, orange face paint and constant crying. There is no doubt that homosexuality is wide-spread in the U.S. Congress and in their media front men.



We also all know that, despite hundreds of years of denial, the Catholic Church had a very organized rape and abuse club, targeting children, which was formalized, and operated by, the leaders of one of the most powerful organizations in the world.



Isn’t the U.S. Congress the other most powerful organization in the world? Isn’t the Gallop poll result showing that most Americans believe the U.S. Congress to be corrupt plenty of meat for the Trump strategists to make their point with?



The long rumored bi-sexual relations of Hillary are expected to come to the mainstream. Trump will say: “If she lied about her sexuality, and her marriage is based on sex clubs, how can we trust her with the launch codes..”, or something to that effect.



Trump will need to show that Congressional abuse clubs, procurers, specialized madams for under-age sex and the glut of child immigrants is connected to a system wide, covert program to help the powerful have illegal sex with children.



Trump will need to argue that Senators having sex with young children is “evil”. The Senators will have to argue that sex is “better with young people because older people are wrinkly and don’t get very excited because, after 30, they are sexually all used up.” That debate would be a nightmare for any politician.



Trump wouldn’t do anything outrageous, would he? The tens of millions of social network re-tweets and dramatic increases in his polling numbers wouldn’t need any more up-ticks, would they?



No Senator is safe. 85% of the U.S. Senate has used one of the 38 top Washington, DC escort services. All of those services have had their Juniper Networks/Cisco Based email and phone services hacked. Revelations are, now, only a matter of time. The Chinese have hacked the OPM background checks of every member of Congress. No member can now hide their indiscretions.



Senator Feinstein had a close relationship with San Francisco’s Roger Boas, who was arrested for his involvement in an underage sex ring for San Francisco politicians. Where will that story lead us?



Another Congressional incident involves a famous tapping of toes in a roadside rest-room for the seeking of anonymous gay sex by Congressional officials. Will that story get legs?



Why was Clinton going to “Sex Island”? Which pedophile British elite gave huge funds to the Clinton Foundation. Why were so many “Children’s Center’s” funded by the Clinton foundation? Donald Trump’s team has the answers. Sidney Blumenthal may have created the political character assassination opposition research game but, in the post-Snowden world, you can bet that the sophisticated Trump organization will use investigative research at the level know one has seen before.




Who Is Jeffrey Epstein










Clinton and Epstein

In the Magazine

Epstein (C) is being accused of sexual abuse by Virginia Roberts, having previously pleaded guilty in 2008 to soliciting prostitution with a minor and was jailed for 18 months. Former president Bill Clinton (L) and Prince Andrew (R) have all been known to spend time with the billionaire. Reuters, AP

Jeffrey Epstein: The Sex Offender Who Mixes With Princes and Premiers

Even by the standards of the British Royal family, the case of Prince Andrew and the underage sex slave is a peculiar one.

An American woman called Virginia Roberts – now a married, 31-year-old mother of three – has filed an affidavit in a Florida federal court in which she swears in gruesome detail that the late press baron and pension fiddler Robert Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine recruited her to satisfy the sexual needs of billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein and his friends. Those friends, according to Roberts, included the Duke of York, now fifth in line to the throne, and celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz (best known for getting Claus von Bulow’s conviction for murdering his wife overturned). Buckingham Palace have denied everything more than once. Dershowitz is suing. From 1999 onwards, when she was just 15, Virginia spent much of her time on Epstein’s Boeing 727 – nickname, the “Lolita Express” – on an unsavoury kind of world tour that included, she says, an orgy with Andrew on Epstein’s private island of Little St James, or “Little St Jeff”, as it became known.

One of the many extraordinary things about this sordid story that Jackie Collins would blush to create – aside from the fact that Andrew chose to refer to it at the World Economic Forum in Davos, of all places, but then was unable to keep his cool when asked if he would be making a statement under oath (he walked out of the room without answering) – is that Andrew would be friends with Jeffrey Epstein in the first place. But then again, as both Bill Clinton and Stephen Hawking have been to Little St James as part of Epstein’s circle, he was hardly alone.

Around Epstein the question hovers: who exactly is this man who makes such powerful friends and how does he do it?

The 62-year-old registered sex offender comes from a gritty background in Brooklyn, with no university degree and no clear explanation for his many millions. As he mixes with princes and premiers and lives in multiple mansions his web runs wide and deep in politics, science, academia and business, as well as royalty.

Some presidents and princes, having acquired a taste for the trappings of high office or monarchy, find it hard to resist the allure of the private jet. There were obviously other attractions for Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton – the private island in the Caribbean described by former staff as “like a five star hotel where nobody paid”, the pretty girls offering massages, the on-tap chat about theoretical physics – but with his 600 flying hours a year to play with, usually with guests on board – Epstein had a lot of flight leverage. Which is why in this unseemly saga, just as Prince Andrew is being forced to issue what feel like daily denials about accusations of having sex with an underage girl at Mr Epstein’s many houses, eye-­popping names surface in the Caribbean sea. 

Stephen Hawking, attending a conference paid for by Epstein, was pictured at a barbecue on the “island of sin” as it has become known. With him in one picture were David Gross, an American physicist and Nobel laureate and Harvard professor called Lisa Randall. Two other Nobel laureates, Gerard t’Hooft and Frank Wilczek, have visited too. As has Professor Lawrence Krauss, and on other occasions his great friend, scientist Martin Nowak, who moved from Princeton to Harvard and with whose research he has funded.

Epstein mixes with the elite of the science world because he was a calculus and physics teacher. Born and raised in Coney Island, he attended some classes in physics and mathematical physiology of the heart, though he never graduated from anywhere. When he taught at Dalton School (a private school in New York) between 1973-75, part of the Epstein mythology goes, a parent was so impressed with his Dead Poets Society-type enthusiasm, mathematical ability and imagination that he suggested he move to Wall Street. So after a stint at Bear Stearns, he became a financial advisor to the extremely rich – it was said that only billionaires need apply – though only one client, Les Wexner, owner of Victoria’s Secret, was known by name. His friends would always insist he was incredibly clever and free-thinking while others find him “arrogant” and “awkward”.

Within a matter of years the schoolteacher-turned-tycoon was living the life of the American billionaire, with a villa in Palm Beach, a ranch in New Mexico, an apartment in Paris, as well as Little St James and what looks like the largest private house in New York. Last time I walked past it, in the snow, the pavements were covered with ice everywhere apart from outside his house; the pavement is heated to make sure they never freeze over.

But even amongst this extreme wealth and luxury, the financier in casual clothes – he never wears a suit – was never a high profile socialite, or keen on much interaction. Then Ghislaine Maxwell came into his life. Where Epstein might gravitate towards scientists, she served up Prince Andrew, as it were, in whose circles she’d mixed for years. Thus it was that Epstein and Maxwell went shooting at Sandringham. Epstein could talk science for hours, but his manners were unusual in a host – staff on Little St James said he only picked at food, never drank, and got up at dawn, whereas Ghislaine had her father’s bombastic charisma. Leaving aside the question of whether she served as his madam, and joined in the underage sex herself (as has been alleged), she certainly oiled the social wheels for him. So in Little St James Lord Mandelson and his boyfriend Reinaldo came to visit. Other friends included Donald Trump and Kevin Spacey.

For years the court of Jeffrey Epstein, courtesy of Ghislaine Maxwell, was thriving with the power-brokers, thinkers and players. But as one who knew them both for years says, “Ghislaine used the fact she knew other powerful people to seduce powerful people. But  it boils down to this: what exactly did these men see in this private-jet, private-island owning weirdo? They didn’t want to play scrabble so what do you think?”

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